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  1. It's probably because getting new tools only takes a few minutes if you're buying online, and you can do that whenever. Even hitting estate sales could be a half hour thing on the weekend. Bam, NTD. Finishing a project means finding a bunch of hours to work in the shop. I manage to get a couple hours per week on a good week, so I haven't finished a project in a while. But I still want to "do" the hobby, so I've got a bad habit of buying tools instead. I'm trying to break it, at least until I find time to restore the batch of planes I scored back in February.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been working on a modified Moravian since December, although much of that has been resawing the lumber and letting it dry. Laminating the top took me the better part of a month; I’m almost done with the legs.

  3. You’re way ahead of me! I bought the video and plans in March 2021 and I’m still working on fixing all the new old tools I got and building a “temporary” bench that will be good enough to build the “real” one.

  4. I didn’t bother with the video; I’m just winging it with my own design. Had to do some modifications on the fly due to unexpected complications.

  5. Or paint them all different and have them be a new hive fleet called hive fleet skittles

  6. If using helping hands, make sure to get rubber jaw covers. The alligator clips will mar the model if you clip directly to bare metal/plastic.

  7. I also have a six and am having a hard time trying to figure where it fits in my stable. With a 26 and 4 set up as scub and a seven as triplane. Sixes shine at removing a lot of wood on larger pieces of wood.

  8. I use a 6 as a short jointer (and aerobic workout machine), but I have neither the space nor the physical condition to use a 7 effectively. If you have a 7 or 8, a 6 is not really worth having unless you just want the whole set.

  9. "w/e reason took the title King" my country had elected kings so it's not unheard of.

  10. It’s a good chunk of money to get a resin printer, but when you do, it pays itself off quick with the money you would be spending on gw kits. Of course, research printing first and always wear safety equipment when handling resin (like nitrile gloves and a respirator). But it’s a hobby in and of itself. If you wanted to start out, I’d recommend the elegoo Mars 2 pro, it’s a nice all-around reliable printer.

  11. Thank you for including the safety warnings. Too many printer enthusiasts ignore that and just present 3d printers as a home manufactory with no downsides or dangers.

  12. Engines are constantly on fire that's how they work.

  13. Engines work by generating a constant, timed series of contained explosions. If the engine itself is exploding or on fire, then things have gone very, very wrong.

  14. Stumpy Nubs just released a video today outlining why YouTube’s algorithm forces content creators to use clickbait or die.

  15. Got these from my grandfather, he’s recently had to back away from woodworking and passed these on to me and my dad. The no 45 is almost mint, 1080 needs a wipe down, but the 55 is pretty rough.

  16. I have two Shelton 14s. Since I wanted one to be a scrub plane, I put all the best parts on one for a jack and built the scrub with the leftovers.

  17. Makes me think if my archer currently on ffxiv. Spam one button...hit other buttons on CD or when procs/debuffs pop.

  18. Pick up BRD, then. It’s one of the highest APM jobs in the game.

  19. Beautiful router and appreciate you’re story of discovery and leaning into the surprises.

  20. It seems like every project I make is the story of “this is where I screwed up and this is how I fixed it.” ;)

  21. Was going to recommend Empire as decent low priced options. Though I'd buy it online or somewhere with less mark-up than HD.

  22. That’s the main reason to buy it from HD; you can take a known straight piece of wood with you and test them in the store. A 6” combo is less than ten bucks and will cover 90% of your square needs.

  23. Harbor freight is good for "some things", I wouldn't say they're "awesome" though. Most of what HF sells is absolute garbage. Sandpaper, latex gloves, any consumable at HF is not worth the cost savings. Clamps, drill bits, and hammers? Sure. Any tool that spins at more than 1000 RPM? Not a chance. Their dust collector is a perfect example. It's a 200$ piece of shit. The filter, the clamp that holds it and the bag is so useless it puts more dust outside than in the bag. But like OP said, as long as you know it's a piece of shit, then it meets expectations (A dust collector that "works" for a few years and at least takes dust out of your face at the tool and puts it somewhere else). ANd if you buy angle grinder cut off discs at HF and have any expectation that they'll either last long enough to cut a single piece of rebar or not shatter at 20000 RPM........

  24. I’d add any edged tools to that list as well. If you just need a set of beater chisels for rough work, then HF will do fine. If you need chisels for fine joinery or a handplane, do not bother with HF; go straight for vintage or one of the premium manufacturers.

  25. I'm curious, why don't you use a strop for an iron. In all the videos I've seen they finish off with it. What's your perspective?

  26. I have no idea why he wouldn’t; strops are great for not only polishing the final sharp, but can bring an iron back to full sharpness after use without having to go back to stones.

  27. I think I've tried it every which way. I thought I saw a Paul Sellers video (maybe someone else) who put a lot of pressure on the strop. What's your strop routine?

  28. The saw is either a 15 or a 13 tpi saw, I set the calipers to one inch and it aligned perfectly with two tips if the teeth. Depending of these two are counted as well or only the ones in between it is the answer. I used a smaller file but not a needle file, I will try that next. I had something in mind that the flat side of the file should be longer than 2x the depths of the tooth so that the middle part is not worn down faster. That is why I didn't buy the smallest file I could find.

  29. TPI is based on the number of whole teeth within a single inch. If the calipers are aligning with the points of two teeth, then you don’t count those.

  30. I will warn you that sometimes that adhesive doesn’t like to come off and it becomes a pain to get it off your stone/flat plate. I used a big roll of self-stick automotive sandpaper to bring all my restoration projects back to flat’ish

  31. I got a can of the gorilla glue spray adhesive. It seems to come off with just a little simple green and it’s just tacky enough to keep the sandpaper from sliding around. Get a roll of that grippy shelf liner to put under the tile/glass and you should be good.

  32. I went to my local home center and picked up a single 16x16 marble tile. I first stepped into the tool dept to borrow a framing square that I used to test the tile for flatness. Best $5 I spent. I use it for a lot more than just flattening and sharpening. I also use it as a surface plate. I made a wooden scribing gauge for making sure I get perfectly parallel and perpendicular faces.

  33. I tried the framing square thing and the one I got wasn’t actually square. The Empire combination squares are actually surprisingly good; you just have to check and make sure the one you get is square.

  34. Yes, it really is. The more recent runs of Nagas have a reputation for lower-quality mouse button sensors which wear out relatively quickly. The Naga is also smaller, which is nice for people with smaller hands, but can be uncomfortable for those with larger hands, arthritis, or tendonitis. You might be better with a Corsair Scimitar or Logitech G600.

  35. Ya I’ve seen a lot of folks recommend Narex so they must be doing something right. I was looking at the Stanley sweet hearts just a moment ago and they are definitely a feasible option too.

  36. Keep in mind that Narex has three lines of chisels: Profi, Premium (or no suffix) and Richter. Profi is their budget line and no better than Irwin Marples (which aren’t terrible; I own a set and they can be sharpened nicely).

  37. pull 2 packs to wall, pop a defensive, aoe. perform 3 button rotation on boss. yay you won. this is EVERY dungeon, from leveling to expert.

  38. If you’re a terrible tank, sure. Most packs require at least two defensives, so you need to know which order to use them to maximize uptime, and some are weak enough that you want to double-stack them for maximum effectiveness.

  39. i'm not even going for ff bad wow good, it's just the dungeons are a complete joke. light party content requires 0 thought and can be facerolled even if your keyboard only had 5 buttons on it. By the way, thats fine, that's not where ff devs put their effort, and they probably shouldn't since ex, savage, and ultimates are what keep people playing on the high end content.

  40. Less than 10% of the population completes an extreme or savage synced. What keeps people playing is all the casual content: Beast Tribes, hunts, Gold Saucer, crafting, gathering, normal raids, 24-man raids, and yes, even dungeons. Blizzard’s fixation on “hardcore” content is one of the reasons they’re losing so many players.

  41. Yeah the artifact sets. Class specific gear sets that are generally decent enough for dungeons and normal difficulty raids. Gets your foot in the door to start gearing up for raiding

  42. It’s not actually high enough to get into the Normal raids by itself, but you can use higher-ilvl accessories to meet the minimum threshold.

  43. So you are saying that you joined a NW trough dungeon finder(since you said it was litterally your first dungeon,cant be otherwise) and you had T H R E E people taking the 30 min deserter debuff for asking that question? Lol the scenarios people invent just for some reddit points, would have been much more credible if you said everyone ignored you and just straight up pulled all mobs until first boss

  44. I thought you got the deserter debuff for getting kicked, not for leaving?

  45. Worst thing is that you get some rewards for getting 3000 commends. And this actually encourage people to act friendly, trying to be funny, greeting people, make som cringey macros, in order to farm those commends. If you know you know, it’s just not really wholesome moments for those acts in my book

  46. I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not. I am thoroughly impressed.

  47. I vote for Veritas. The lie-Nielsen is based on that Stanley and I had it but wound up picking up the Veritas too and I like it much better.

  48. I got the LN, but Veritas is also good. For me, the difference was I didn’t like that the Veritas depth stop pressed directly on the depth adjuster threads and I was concerned that the blade would come apart under heavy use. Plus I’m a sucker for brass fittings.

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