1. It could be that your two sides of the family are related, or maybe these cousins match on a line that you don't share. Remember, you all have 16 great-grandparents, and you might share - what, 4? - with each cousin. That leaves another 12 that they could also match with! So, unless you find evidence of common ancestors with all 3 and you, then they could just be related to each other in a different way.

  2. Yes, my 2x great-grandparents emigrated from Middlesex & Surrey to Montreal & then in the 1920s, the family moved to the United States. My 3x great-grandparents on a different line were from Cheshire, and same situation: went to Montreal & then United States.

  3. Oh you have a lot lol,mine is the same situation,my 3rd great grandfather was from Montreal but his parents from Cornwall,he then moved to Michigan and then Illinois I believe

  4. Lol, oddly enough mine has the same immigration patter - England to Montreal to Michigan to Illinois!

  5. Which test has the largest number of users? If trying to match as many new DNA cousins as possible, this would seem to be important if one were to choose only one test.

  6. Ancestry has the largest user database.

  7. For Eastern European immigrants, the most useful website I’ve found is the catalog search on You’ll need a free account, and you would click on search>catalog and then enter a place name. They have a really extensive collection of microfilmed religious and sometimes civil birth, marriage and death records - what’s available and for which time periods really varies by location. Some is indexed, some you might have to dig through page by page, which is tedious. Records do tend to have the same basic information repeated, so it’s not terribly hard to figure out some basic words with the help of google translate and online guides, even if you don’t speak the language.

  8. Very good suggestions. OP, I'd also look at Yad Vashem for testimonies on Sima's murdered loved ones.

  9. Thank you! I had the privilege to visit Yad Vashem a while ago, but didn't really consider that they may have some information in those records. Telling the stories of that side of my family who lost so much in WWII (to both Nazis and Ukrainian nationalists) is probably the most important part of this for me, so I really appreciate the recommendation.

  10. I absolutely understand. I hope your search is fruitful!

  11. The timeline is only telling you when your most recent 100%-of-this-ethnicity ancestor lived. I'm assuming you're somewhere around 99% Vietnamese? So you'll only get 1-2 generations between your most recent ancestor who was 100% Vietnamese lived within the last one to two generations. If you have like 0.1% Korean, your hypothetical ancestor that was 100% would've been born many generations ago, thus giving you the 5-8+ answer (which is the highest the timeline goes).

  12. Hey! Thank you for the response. You’re close to the percentages— 99.2% Vietnamese and .8% Korean. The Korean was definitely a surprise because as a Vietnamese person the likelihood of having any percentage of Chinese/Chinese dai seemed more probable, so was definitely not expecting to see the Korean percentage.

  13. No problem! I can't speak on the Korean percentage as I'm not as educated on Asian results, but some percentages that low are just statistical noise.

  14. Sorry you had some ignorant posters ruin your 23andme experience. Your results no doubt indicate Hawaiian heritage (even without "Hawaii" being listed). Thank you for sharing!

  15. Thank you for your time. You were a big help! Not sure why some people downvoted my post though? Isn’t that what this subreddit is for? To share our results and ask questions about them?

  16. You're welcome! I'm not sure why either tbh. I think some people expect everyone to come in with intimate knowledge of DNA testing, but that's not always the case. A lot of valid posts here get downvoted for some unknown reason. I'm glad I was able to help, and let me know if you have any questions!

  17. No, that's far too distant to be recorded through a DNA test.

  18. Ah okay thanks. Was always curious, as all punjabis we see taking tests show as 90+% south Asian. So was wondering if genetically there’s a way to trace back ancestry even further.

  19. The regions are crowdsourced, so it's where your DNA relatives reported their grandparents coming from.

  20. You can upload to MyHeritage & Family Tree DNA. I'd recommend checking out DNA Detectives on Facebook!

  21. Not for ethnicity estimates, but OP is interested in finding DNA matches so those two sites should be their next steps.

  22. North African jumped out at me but probably just statistical noise. My paternal haplo is I-S17250 and my maternal is A4b

  23. Your maternal haplogroup is interesting! A is often found in Native Americans, but A4b doesn't seem to be.

  24. I’m glad you brought that up because I have been confused as to how my maternal line, which as far as I know has been in the Czech Rep and Slovakia for atleast the last 500 years has an East Asian haplogroup. Genetics are weird man lol

  25. Genetics is fascinating! Oftentimes your haplogroup will have no bearing on your ethnicity estimates (considering it's from thousands of years ago), but it's still an intriguing science. You should consider taking a MTDNA test at Family Tree DNA.

  26. They're just telling you that based on the number 2,146 cM, this individual is 93% likely to be a Grandparent/grandchild/half sibling/aunt or uncle/niece or nephew relationship, and 7% likely to be a sibling. Because you know it's your grandma, everything checks out. If you didn't know who this individual was, then you'd have to do some more research to figure out the relationship.

  27. There is a lot of genetic overlap between the groups, as you've seen mentioned. Keep in mind that ethnicity estimates are just that - estimates. It's not a foolproof science and inaccuracies can occur. My recommendation would be to research your family tree & confirm your lines by utilizing your DNA matches.

  28. 23andme is very accurate. Have you looked through your DNA matches? Do you see any matches to your dad's side of the family?

  29. I would recommend testing at Ancestry, too. They have a larger database, so it's likely you'll have closer matches. Your post title makes it seem like you don't know who your bio dad is, but your comment does, so if you DO know, I'd recommend him testing!

  30. He is in prison. I’ve met him when I was a kid, young like 8. That’s really it. His parents are dead too. I don’t know any of his siblings. I was raised by my moms and stepdad.

  31. Ah okay. I would definitely test yourself on Ancestry & see what you can find!

  32. Honestly, none of those results are going to be as accurate as 23andme. Your results do indicate that you're Egyptian, and it looks like FTDNA is the most accurate right now, but I wouldn't hold too much stock in them.

  33. GEDMatch's calculators are outdated and not the most accurate. It's just saying your DNA is similar to Dutch, which is is. The communities you're from are all genetically similar, and when admixed, it's understandable why they reach "Dutch" as a conclusion. I wouldn't worry about it. Focus on your DNA matches & confirming your paper trail!

  34. Hey! I wrote my thesis on a similar topic as well, so feel free to PM me if you need help. :)

  35. I plan on checking nearby parishes for records. I will do that later today. I'll go check out the Facebook group later. Thanks for helping out.

  36. Good idea! Fingers crossed you find something. Happy to help. :)

  37. Holy shit thats a lot of info. Thank you! I'm impressed that you found all of this. I can get back to the mid 1600s. Well if i find a death record for someone who died in the early 1700s.

  38. You're welcome! Thank you for the award! I'm glad I was able to help. You might be at a little bit of a standstill without finding the parents' marriage record. I'd check the kids' death records - maybe it has more information there? You might consider checking neighboring parishes as well. There is a great Facebook page - Slovenian Genealogy - if you need any other assistance. They might have an idea on where the marriage record is located.

  39. Thanks. Traits tells you background? So with doing that and family members, how much should it cost?

  40. Traits will tell you if you have muscle composition of an athlete, what eye color they expect based on your DNA, etc. It's not worth the extra cost imo.

  41. The range is from 0-37%, so it's possible you have 0% ancestry from those areas. It's normal to get Baltics if you're Eastern European, especially if you're from eastern Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, etc. I wouldn't read too much into it unless you have evidence of an ancestor from the Baltics.

  42. You have Eastern European ancestry, but you're "native" to the country in which you were born/raised.

  43. Ethnicity estimates are fun, entertaining things. But I wouldn't put 100% stock into them. It IS odd that you only get 8% Italian (do you get any WANA percentage? German or Balkans? Is your family from North or South Italy?) Some of these answers could impact your results.

  44. I know. I’m pretty worried because family members are starting saying that one of us isn’t his biological kid. I don’t know exactly how DNA works between half siblings, but I don’t think the percentage is usually that low

  45. Unfortunately, that low of a percentage is not possible for a half-sibling relationship. I'm sure it's very upsetting news, and I'm sorry you're going through this. Remember, it's hard to say right now which one of you is the child of your father. And even though he might not be your (or your sister's) father biologically, he's still your dad! A likely relationship between you and your half-sister is instead first cousin.

  46. The Jewish percentage was a surprise because I have never had any mention or traces of Jewish history or culture in my family whatsoever, so I'm thinking it probably goes way back. My ancestors from Galway immigrated due to the famine around the 1850s.

  47. 3% would indicate a 3x great-grandparent. Do you have any German in you?

  48. I'd argue that the Jewish is likely from this side of the family, or if you have any other German lines, rather than the British side. Check out the Leeds Method to group your matches. Hopefully you can figure it out - good luck!

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