1. YTA for lying to this sub in order to appear reasonable, which you're very clearly not with the extra info you provided later. You're attempting financial abuse instead of all the thousands of alternative solutions, of course you're an ass.

  2. Financial abuse? You're precious. How about you bust your ass 105 hours a week to make the kind of money I do to have someone you love and trust blow every cent. Gives zero fucks about you and your needs. But hey at least her and the family are taken care of. Get fucked cunt.

  3. OP you are lying, first of how can you be left with nothing when you make 4x the monthly budget?

  4. 1.5k would be approximately half her monthly salary. I don't care one way or the other if you believe it or not. You don't matter to me so neither does your opinion. Have a great day. Better luck next time.

  5. What I find most entertaining about this post are all the comments of people threatening this and threatening that. No one seems to understand that submission is earned. It's not something that can be taken by force. Everyone seems to be soo concerned with the physical aspect of this. But there's soo much more to it then that. Pretty easy to spot the fakes.

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