1. Man telling someone who wants to play to wait for an unknown amount of time is ridiculous.

  2. There are good arguments to be made about waiting. First of all, if

  3. My man I understand your arguments if we're talking about leveling an alt, but if you just wanna try wow for the first time it's not exactly encouraging to hear you just have to wait. For an unclear amount of time I might add.

  4. Only if you mind that it shows. But you will probably say you don't care.

  5. I really don't put much of my personal value into a sketch I did bored at work, and I am capable of much better art but I don't owe it to anyone to always do my best every time I put pencil to paper

  6. It's a good thing you don't just post your random doodles on the internet for the world to see then.

  7. You don’t actually like Pauper, you’re just poor

  8. My god it's been a while since I laughed out loud because of a comment but this one did it

  9. It was 6 hours ago, I can't believe you spoiled it. Some people life in other timezones ass.

  10. It's a real life event, not a TV show. Did you get mad when the supreme court draft opinion leaked too? Like, oh no, you spoiled a supreme court decision.

  11. Wow such a good comparison. Truly spot on. Bet you are real proud of that one. If you don't care about being spoiled more power to you, but some of us do, and immediately rushing to several fgc reddits to announce the winner moments after the event is a dick move.

  12. I really liked the ex dp whiff punish, actually godlike if intentional.

  13. Man I'm glad you said it. I almost didn't read the post because this came across as not only fake but highly pretentious.

  14. It can't be used more. There's only a limited number of copies in the world

  15. Draenei Hunters ruined any other hunters for me. All the other shooting/reloading animations seem so boring in comparison.

  16. I had to double check that you were asking this on the Yogs sub, not the WoW sub. You will probably have more luck there.

  17. welp blocking didn’t work because when I block they throw me

  18. Oh you're right guess you're outta luck. Nothing left to do but complain on reddit

  19. Stel je toch eens voor dat dit is hoe je over de hele situatie denkt, EN je hebt het lef om iemand anders stom te noemen.

  20. Ah I remember hitting platinum with Abigail when he was just released and thinking I was a god. Turns out he was just overtuned.

  21. Haha wow how can someone come to this thread and miss the point this badly. It's almost impressive really.

  22. Insisting that every character has to have layers like critical role or onions.

  23. I have a friend that does this. He always approaches the DM before session 0 and always wants some big reveal moment in the campaign that he's actually a demon or the long lost prince or whatever. He just wants to be the main character I guess.

  24. Big reveals can be fun. Wanting your backstory as the main narrative driving the plot is less fun. Especially since nobody else had anything to do with it.

  25. So an equipment deck from eldraine with no embercleave?

  26. Oh I did run embercleave, it just wasn't as efficient as mono red dropping it.

  27. I never claimed such a thing, meta exists. We all work around it. You literally created a deck for fun and compared it to the cost efficient version as a base line.

  28. Man you literally said "it was the one set that allowed you to meme and jank more effectively because every color had dumb shit"

  29. The brother "wasted" his money on "expensive stuff they don't need" like a house for his family and a car to drive to work. What a loser for buying such luxuries indeed.

  30. It’s clear u didn’t read what ur claiming to respond to since I opened with I don’t mind control and play jank personally so cheers my dude. Enjoy the salty rope tears, u already won haha. I just move along when I encounter certain things, my time is more valuable than that. So im not sure y ur mad, u win and that’s the whole point if plying a game right. I’d rather playing against someone that can provide some stimulation and a good game. You can downvote all u like i was simply saying what a lot of us feel. That it’s not fun playing against a certain level of control so we don’t. The irony is that all this hate let’s me know who really cares ;) At the end of the day let’s not forget it’s a game kids, try n have fun :)

  31. I felt kinda bad downvoting your bad opinion at first, because it's still your opinion, but man this outburst really sealed the deal

  32. Hahaha yeah depression and obesity is so funny.

  33. It was more of a joke on how old clothes don't fit properly anymore, while the wearer is oblivious. I truly don't understand how everybody cries fat joke. None of the characters are in any way bothered by Alexei's gut.

  34. I hate the crossover with D&D in general. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying I don't like D&D. I'm just not interested in it. Seeing it ruin a game that I have been in love with for over 13 years really kills the fun for me. I see two options for the future standard season. Either AFR-Cards will not see play at all and it's basically a wasted set or there are going to be so incredibly overpowered cards, which we haven't seen yet, which will completely define the meta. I don't like both of these options.

  35. While I get what you're saying, in a way, what's stopping you from treating this as any other new set with a new world? How does this ruin the game for you? All the cards seem like you could give them a different name say that it's Ravnica or Strixhaven or whatever.

  36. Well, you've got a point there. I think the problem for me is the flavour and the names of the cards. While I love having options, I can't stand the "You do this" and "You find that" cards. I get it, the dungeonmaster talks to me and it's there for the flavour of the set. But I don't want that. I mean I can't help it so I'm gonna roll with it but that ruins the immersion for me.

  37. I do have to admit some of the card names took some getting used to. I'm glad most cards have normal names. It makes it easier to ignore the more eccentric ones. (I'm looking at you, +2 Mace)

  38. My take: Eldraine is not a balanced set. But kaladesh had vehicles for the first time (so they were not balanced), and energy, which while somewhat interesting, didn't feel like real magic. Having this new made-up resource be head and shoulders above the previous meta made for a very distasteful experience playing standard. In some ways, eldraine and adventure are similar in that you are forced to play them to compete, but at least the cards aren't totally parasitic, forcing you to play block constructed.

  39. Adventure cards being as strong as they are do sort of force you to play block constructed. If you're in green it's hard to justify not running innkeeper and lovestruck.

  40. If I remember well, Dinosaurs were really crushing the meta since there was almost zero decent control cards at the time. No crowd control at all apart from Star of Extinction lol ^^

  41. It did have one of the best white removal spells in Settle the Wreckage. Not to mention Vraska's Contempt in black.

  42. When [[Baneslayer Angel]] and even [[Elder Gargaroth]] are unplayable and the absurdity that is [[Questing Beast]] only barely makes the cut as a one-of in a few decks, standard is very much not in a healthy place. There might be a good variety of decks played, but the power level is ridiculous.

  43. Just because you think certain cards should be playable doesn't mean it indicates a healthy or unhealthy Standard (admittedly more so for Baneslayer and Elder Gargaroth, less so for Questing beast, that card is just super pushed).

  44. Ah so you're still behind in tempo using 3 mana do deal with a 2 mana card. And that's ignoring the mana issues. Real strong.

  45. Idk, a red or green card that says “DESTROY TARGET ARTIFACT”!!! A white card that exiles it. Or a blue card that never lets it hang out. Or idk a black card that destroys permanents? Literally every color has an answer to clover, people are just too fucking lazy to use them.

  46. Clover's problem is that if you don't immediately have the answer, your opponent double ramps into a double bounce and even if you draw the answer right after, you're already way behind. And since this happens on turn 2 and 3 the chance of having an answer is even less.

  47. I think people mostly don't want to lose to cards and effects that snowball out of control too early. If it's turn 2 and you already feel like you lost because of a clover that's hard to answer, a cobra you can't answer, or red pumping out his 3rd creature, that causes complaining.

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