1. They seem to start a few hours before the actual warehouse opens. Maybe that is why?

  2. If you are open to a second grill, but are looking for something slightly different, would recommend the SnS Kamado.

  3. I was just eye-ing the SNS Kamado. It is currently back ordered. Do you like it?

  4. Same issue I've found Chicken and Steak pick up smoke flavor almost too easily, especially if you don't use a deflector plate and the fat drips off on to the hot coals creating smoke. If you do you may try a different charcoal. I've found different brands have different profile. Fogo seemed to have a milder smoke flavor to me

  5. Start with two meals no snacks (18/6 breakdown), I have no idea what his plan was but that’s a good place to start for newbies. When you’re ready to push it to the next level you to 20/4 then OMAD and if you really want the fastest results (my opinion) you to ADF.

  6. Thanks I already do some level of 18/6 (never really one to eat breakfast with any regularity and try not to eat to late which roughly translates to feeding 12-6/7)

  7. I would recommend using a good digital instant read thermometer for gauging doneness (which I believe the hand method is only for steaks, but admittedly I never had much luck with it being accurate). For brisket you are looking for your thermometer to have very little resistance going in which should be around the 200 mark

  8. How do you prepare the livers? Have thought about trying them, but haven’t yet

  9. If you are unsure about investing in a Kamado and are looking to explore charcoal cooking you may do well to consider what

  10. What tools/utensils do you have at your disposal? (grills, cast iron, torch, etc etc?) Also, what thickness steak do you typically cook?

  11. Typically like and inch and a half in thickness and i have a cast iron pan would that help? And i use like a gas hob

  12. Caligny beach has a drop off with some wheel chair accessible-ness to get to the water. I’m not sure if the full length from drop off to water is under your 400m range, but you can wheel someone for the first stretch and then be within it for sure

  13. How thick is it? Over 1.5” would reverse sear If under probably just put it over the hottest fire you can make flipping it every 20-30 sec until it temps right

  14. So you don't eyeball it, you use a thermometer?

  15. Yea I don't usually. Maybe take it out the bag once a round..if that. I can usually hit my 3 wood about 250+ so I typically just go with that. But would definitely like to be able to get some control on my driver

  16. If you are hitting your three wood that far you may want to double check that the driver shaft is in fact stiff and, if so, consider trying out an xstiff shaft

  17. Gotcha. Hard to diagnose based on one video from a down the line look, but your swing looks good to my untrained eye

  18. It will be edible, but not sure how enjoyable I dry brined a steak and left it in for 4+ days. Still able to eat it, but wasn’t very good (at least to me). Dried out

  19. Why do you think this is PXG’s fault? They don’t manufacture the shafts…

  20. The sold whole the club as a single unit and are not willing to repair it. Saying this is normal wear and tear is just a slap in the face. I’d almost rather they accuse of improper use to negate a warranty than to essentially say they expect their clubs to break in half through normal use

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