Property tax is slavery

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  1. Have you guys ever talked about getting/being married before?? She could simply just not want to get married, not because you’re doing anything wrong but it’s just not something she wants. Communicate about it

  2. I don't think there was anything illegal done. But morally, there was a lot done wrong. The responsible thing to do would be let Beth meet Quinn and Puck if and when she wanted to. Quinn I always a tad... dramatic, and Puck is Puck. If I were Shelby, I wouldn't consider those two to be a particularly positive influence on a baby.

  3. Depends on if you have an opened or closed adoption. If it’s closed then the biological parent can’t seek you out but if the adoptee goes to them it’s not illegal. Opened adoptions are where biological parents get visitation, pictures, active involvement in the child’s life or whatever the agreed upon terms are between biological parents and the adoptive parents decide.

  4. I don’t know what my greatest fear is. So I’ll take a mil

  5. I’m just speaking from experience but depending on the kids mental state… 8 years old is old enough to stay home by yourself.

  6. Hair. Confidence. Style. Attitude/personality i.e not whiny or crying about everything. More knowledge on how life works. Doesn’t have a martyr complex. And many more.

  7. Yeah, I’d say that was definitely an unpopular opinion OP

  8. I’m really not. I’m relaying conversations I’ve had with therapists for YEARS. I think you don’t like what you’re hearing so you’re trying to argue with someone who just has your best interest in mind.

  9. Drop off some groceries once a week so he doesn’t starve.

  10. Sounds like you need to just leave him be and let him figure it out in his own. 21 is still very young and crucial in finding out what role you want to play in your life. Just leave him alone, give him space.

  11. I have no idea. But I’m not healthy, do have friends and don’t have hobbies. Enlightening to read peoples experiences with friends

  12. Sometimes he just wants to be left alone. Not because he didn't want to be around you specifically, but because he just wants to be alone in general.

  13. Ooo. Tell my boyfriend this about me. He literally can’t understand I need alone time…..

  14. I thought it was going to walk backwards up the steps. I would’ve loved that.

  15. Chocolate. Bacon. Apple pie. Orange juice. Loud music/concerts. Animals.

  16. My kids are 4 and 3 and they eat without me being present everyday. Then again my house is kinda tiny so if the do choke I can hear them from upstairs.

  17. This happened to me for the first time in 4 years tonight. My son is four and my daughter is three… The three of us and my boyfriend were sitting at the dining room table eating dinner and I had this sudden shock that was like… holy shiitake these creatures are mine? I made those?… it was insane.

  18. It’s pretty normal. Most people who convert to different diets hate the smell of food they no longer eat. My best friend and her twin sister became vegans in early highschool and every time their dad cooked meat they literally had to leave the house so they wouldn’t throw up. It’s normal.

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