1. It’s not a gun or a knife, so there isn’t much you can do to make an incident with scissors preventable. Honestly, if we eliminated the gun violence and knife violence by keeping them out of our schools and securing our schools from outsiders who wish harm during school hours, we can live with stabbing a from scissors or pencils or whatever things are required for actual education.

  2. It is a simple and straight forward solution - but neither side wants to have an honest debate about how to do that. And even if we did and we implemented it, we'd have to realize that people will get complacent and begin breaking the rules - didn't the Uvalde shooter gain access to the school because a member of the faculty propped open a secure door, probably to go out for a smoke?

  3. Yep. And all both sides do is play the blame game instead of working together. Republicans are so deep in the gun lobbyists’ pockets and Democrats never come up with a real solution, or if they do, they yell about it long enough to get the American public fired up, and then drop it when the news cycle dies down. Rinse and repeat.

  4. It's all about keeping the base fired up. We live in a 24/7/365 election cycle now. Politicians never actually do their job - it's all lip service for reelection and they're always on campaign.

  5. Maybe not the right term but any rifle rounds traveling over 3000 fps, is certainly going to do an incredible amount of damage, it’s literally why modern rifle ammunition is designed the way it is. Maximum kill power over a long range and even more so at less than a 100 yards. Liquification is a bit of stretch, but terminally lethal? Yes. Though in their argument equating semi-auto rifles to machine guns is pushing the narrative. They know what they’re doing.but how do you counter the argument when it’s not wrong about how lethal modern rifles are? To the uneducated or inexperienced, it all sounds crazy powerful and dangerous. There’s almost no way to downplay that without sounding dishonest.

  6. Well for starters we could begin by pointing out that the US military has begun shifting away from 5.56x45mm, partially due to lack of lethality against unarmed targets. The rounds, due to velocity, have a tendency to pass straight through a target without any major transfer of energy from the round to the target.

  7. I get it. However, I think sports is a little different. That’s a hobby, entertainment, a passion for many. Sports brings communities together.

  8. Have you ever been in a wawa when a mob of kids come in ? Then they get into an argument with a wawa employee & chaos ensues? Fun times…..

  9. Sounds like it might be as entertaining as late night Sheetz is.

  10. I moved from Philly to Pittsburgh a bit ago, went back to Philly, and now I’m back in Pittsburgh.

  11. Living near Ohio is preferable to living near New Jersey.

  12. At least there is stuff to do in NJ + NYC is pretty close.

  13. I'd rather go to OH than NJ or NY as a Pennsylvanian since my LTCF is recognized in OH. Going to NY or NJ will only catch me a felony charge.

  14. Both sides are pushing towards their own vision of an authoritarian utopia.

  15. So you're cool with authoritarianism as long as it predominantly aligns with your political beliefs. Got it.

  16. I remember hearing at is NS Pascagoula and NS Mayport in the early-2000s. Also BMW was popular at Pascagoula - Big Mississippi Women.

  17. Isn't this the one with no grandfather clause and effectively bans all semiautomatic handguns?

  18. Possession is not banned but it does ban new sales and manufacturing of semi-auto rifles, handguns and shotguns with scary features. So not a true grandfather clause and people can keep what they have but still an atrocious bill.

  19. So many bills going around that I can't keep track of them all.

  20. PA has a lot of local nuisance taxes, but is far from the highest. Take car registration. It's around $44 per year versus $500-$1500+ in some other states. Sales tax is middle of the road at 6% (Philadelphia 8% and Allegheny County 7%) with clothing (big draw for outlet shoppers, especially back before the internet), most food (bought in a supermarket, etc; not made to order or restaurants) and some essentials excluded. Income tax 3.07% flat.

  21. Don't forget the taxes you have to pay whenever you transfer a car too. And if the state doesn't think you paid enough taxes to them, they'll just take more from you by withholding your state income tax return until they're satisfied.

  22. The Dark One feels more like an Event Horizon kind of thing. Or even WH40K with a Marauder that came out of the Warp.

  23. I'm picturing a face hugger on an atlas, then a mech sized queen.

  24. USB A. No idea what standard. It's not energized so I can't check the amperage.

  25. USB-A doesn't surprise me. It's 2023 and most devices are shipping with either a USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to Lightning the Navy installs USB-A.

  26. It's not energized yet. Eventually they will be. Most of the ship is not energized right now.

  27. I have a rifle with a similar configuration, it's a little front heavy so it's a little more dated than having an free float mlok, but what matters is that you have a functioning weapon and the ability to train with it.

  28. The further back in time you go, the lighter the gun gets.

  29. Things have been getting lighter in the AR-10 world.

  30. I'd hope so. My SR25 is a straight hog when it comes to weight with the glass and can.

  31. Should've gotten a HK. I've never heard about the Germans doing anything bad ever.

  32. I'm sure that will work's not like the majority of service members have access to firearms regularly as part of their duty rotation and could easily pop themselves with a M17 or M18 while on watch.

  33. A lot don't. I was medical in the army and even during duty, folks were not armed. I am sure it's similar for many non-combat arms MOS, which makes up 80% of the force.

  34. On my ship for my first duty station, pretty much everyone except the engineers (who stood unarmed engineering watches) rotated through an armed topside watch - either messenger of the watch on the quarterdeck, internal rover(s) who checked various spaces inside the skin of the ship and the topside rover who walked the top weather deck of the ship (sometimes two - a fore and an aft rover). And each ship moored at the pier contributed to gate watch and pier watches - also both armed.

  35. If the renamed ship suffered some sort of catastrophe, the crew could rightly say, "You're killin' me, Smalls" as they abandoned ship.

  36. I hope they strictly follow the re-naming ceremony traditions. As seen

  37. It's not tiered in many countries. Especially in places like Japan.

  38. We're ahead of much of the world - the US leads the world in medical discoveries involving new test procedures, medications and test equipment.

  39. They do, but it's still tiered. The rich/famous and politically connected receive better care in better facilities than the common masses get in the public facilities.

  40. True. To be peaceful, you must be dangerous. If you are not dangerous you’re not peaceful, you’re just harmless.

  41. Wait until he discoveres the 17th Reconnaissance Regiment, AKA Camacho's Caballeros.

  42. And then the army is abandoning the cartridge for a larger one.....

  43. They want the power of 7.62x51mm but not the weight. Clearly the Army just needs to lift more.

  44. Just as bad is his claim that "you are not a militia." But Federal law in effect right now literally makes almost everyone in this nation a member of the unorganized militia...

  45. Hot rounds wear out barrels fast. People are speculating how long a 277 Fury/6.8x51mm barrel will last with those super hot hybrid rounds (versus the brass cased regular stuff most of us will shoot).

  46. They would if they opened up a user serviceable can once in a blue moon

  47. I got the Gemtech MIST-22 TD on my 10/22 Takedown. That thing gets nasty inside. Even worse than my pistol cans.

  48. A striker fired handgun has a substantially higher trigger pull than a SAO gun (1911s) or a DA/SA in SA mode (like the P226/228/229s). If anything a striker fired gun is closed to DAO as a DAO gun has the same weight trigger pull every time.

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