1. My favorite pliers. I bought a pair in 2010 and liked them so much I bought a few different sizes. I haven't touched my Channelocks since.

  2. The post is referencing the GRAS 45CC Headphone Test Fixture in the photo for those who do not know.


  4. What's with the two coffins in the room near the TV?

  5. When your vehicle is smoking and it smells like oil it's always a great idea to continue driving! /s

  6. It's still going. As of today, 138 days on the strike line.

  7. From what I knew of Dave, he was one of the good CR cops. I didn't have much interaction with him, but what I heard from other friends, and others that knew him better, was nothing but good. They always said he treated people fairly and wanted to make CR a better place.

  8. Dan Blather had zero credibility with the BS he pulled with the fake documents scandal.

  9. Aren't you supposed to have the harbor freight ones to borrow out?

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