Biden cancels $10,000 in federal student loan debt for most borrowers

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  1. The image they used looks like a photoshopped Volt.

  2. Still happening here. Installed fresh on a new iPhone and just keep getting this error.

  3. Your C2 can't know whats on the other screen. Most likely your OS is dimming your video signal. Do you have any fake HDR or other brightness features installed or enabled on your computer?

  4. I know my C2 can't know what's on the other screen.

  5. Does the solar system one accurately display where the planets are in relation to each other and the sun?

  6. My Airpod Pro case looks like that too. My Apple Pencil 2 also looks like that. It's from the wireless charging.

  7. Just come up with a different word for the ones that are sex positive and do participate in sex.

  8. Apparently snakes can catch a disease that causes them to do this. The article mentions boas and pythons in captivity though...

  9. Just make an adapter interstage and send it on Falcon Heavy already.

  10. Starship would be SpaceX's equivalent to this, right?

  11. I don't get this meme. Is she the guy's relative and is she just handing him money under the table?

  12. Have you considered changing/upgrading the cat cable connecting to the modem? I went from XBOX DL speeds in the low 100’s to getting over 700 after swapping out some random Cat 5 for a Cat 8 from Monoprice.

  13. Tried several different cables. Modem was bought new from Best Buy.

  14. Take advantage of the return policy and see if that fixed it

  15. Problem is resolved. I updated the OP.

  16. Something like a Goa'uld sarcophagus from Stargate SG1.

  17. "Other" gender? I'm nonbinary... But sex-repulsed nonbinary so I'm good. Smaccs button

  18. It's like having a super power being immune to everything straight and homosexual people tell me is sexy (people, specific body parts, acts, sex).

  19. I think January 1 would be a good day to start.

  20. This Summer Navient cancelled loans for people who had defaulted on them before June 30 2021. Most of my remaining 50k is in private Navient loans. I never defaulted or paid late though.

  21. The rich don't need to take loans out for school.

  22. Really wish it would help those with private student loans. Fuck me for having to refinance my 30 year student loan that was $900 a month because idk…I was a kid straight out of college making nothing and couldn’t fucking afford that type of payment. I’m really happy for those who didn’t have to go that route and are able to get some relief but every time this topic even comes up I die a little.

  23. Same boat here. Most of mine are private so I'm SOL.

  24. I need to go hit up a Spencer's now (along with a barf bag).

  25. It is also functional to continue the species? Never thought of that?

  26. In-vitro fertilization / test tube babies.

  27. This. Sex-repulsed asexual and non-drinker. Everyone assumes that you're the most boring person in the world...

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