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  • By - J4noa

  1. Growing up, I performed my own circumcision.

  2. Still find it mad as fook that Americans get cut for nonmedical or religious reasons!

  3. I like boxy, but I really do feel that the drop and mega drop are the main selling points because I never get the item(s) I want in my box. Can I do drop/mega drop without being subbed?

  4. Yes they open drop shops to the non subscribers a week after. Only thing is sometimes the popular or high end stuff is out of stock by then.

  5. sully still mad about the fact he had to kill dris cos of jamie he even says it to jaq. also the fact he was his opp last season. the side deal in spain. the fact he killed kit he even said he came thru for u to dushane implying he found it not right. on top of that you had his daughter back in his life and he wanted to make sure jamie could never harm that so he had to take out his only competition. also he knew jamie would kill em both in the future for making him their bitch and didn’t appreciate dushane making jamie his successor and not him or even jaq

  6. Let’s also not forget that he’s the reason Modie went away in the first place. Jamie’s relentless. He will do anything to be on top. We know this. But he’s loveable so people ignore it and act like he soooo innocent bc he wuvs his brothersssss! HE’S A DRUG DEALER AND MURDERER.

  7. it does make sense it’s just you niggas love jamie so much it’s making you biased

  8. Yeah mine do that quite often. Looks pretty wild! Or goofy when they only do one ear :) Goodluck with your new housemate!

  9. Hey! How did you find out where to buy your cat? I’m looking at finally getting a Savannah now and I don’t know how to go about finding a reputable breeder

  10. Sully has been a madman since the actual og season 1. Dont know how he is only disappointed you now. 🥴

  11. Right! I’m still disappointed about Leon lol. I think season 3 and a slightly softer Sully has erased peoples memories of how mad he has always been.

  12. How didn’t it line up? Sully was pissed about Jamie being apart of Summerhouse from the second he heard about it.

  13. I DO NOT understand why/how the prize for mothertucking drag queen of the WORLD is so bad?! Likeeeee in US they give out money for every tiny thing. Win a mini challenge? Congrats you just won $12,000 dohlas. You can win so much money just being on the show and winning a mini/maxi here and there. But all the WINNER gets on Uk be the world (and uk) is a cameo? And maybe a rupeter badge or 2? God, I hope I spelled rupeter right. But that seriously sucks. The song sucks too esp because it wasn’t even unique or special to this particular series or to Blu. It’s just recycled music horribly remixed 🥲

  14. The way the equation is written should result in an answer of 16:

  15. I haven’t seen either of those yet in the variations I’ve seen 😞

  16. You’re right! I got mine today and I didn’t get either of the things I wanted 😩 aside from my choice of velvet skin drink. Guess I’ll just have to buy - I hope it’ll be in Mays mega drop shop

  17. Prayingggg that I get the malin+goetz resurfacing serum and Kate sommerville goat milk cleanser 😩 💘

  18. I don't know, did you? I'm not stalking you, I'm just replying to a thread. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  19. Kinda feels like you are. I think you secretly love me. I love you too baby girl 💘

  20. Use a primer. Don’t use a ton of concealer. Don’t use a ton of powder. Set with spray.

  21. Kim is about to destroy her career if she doesn't keep her mouth closed....If we were all busy "working" then who will have time to be online buying her Chinese factory private label eyeshadow palettes and febreeze perfumes? Doesn't she realize we can't wear those rachet eyeshadows and fake crystal bottle perfumes to work 🤣...You want us to "work" but honey, you've been married about 3 times and none of dem marriages have WORKED 🙃...The same way we need to work is the same way Kim needs to work on keeping a man....Kim doesn't want me pull her card....What kind of work was she doing with Ray J on that sextape?...COOCHIE WORK? ....and that ass and snatched waist didn't come from putting in work at the gym....that surgeon did all the work Kimmy.....Kim better "not never" talk about working...What kind of work were you doing at the beginning of your career when Oil Money Arabs were flying you out to Dubai? .....What work Kimmy?....Kim, you charged $500,000 for a hosting gig in Nigeria but the witnesses said you were only there for 45 minutes.....Not even an hour's worth of work was done in Nigeria...By the time your Nigerian guests/fans were ready to take pictures and get autographs, you had disappeared...Soon as that check cleared, you were gone...You didn't even finish the work you were hired to do.....She really needs to stop.

  22. Yes! Not sure if this is helpful though 😂 My teen actually got a sunburn and I gave this to her to hydrate her poor face. It was very soothing and she used it repeatedly. It was a miracle worker. I couldn't even tell she was sunburned the next day. Skin looked back to normal, daughter was pain free and thrilled.

  23. Sold! I have to try it. This is like one of 3 things I’m excited about for this drop lol so I’m so happy to hear that it’s amazing ✨

  24. Wow that’s pretty bad. Good thing too because Ultas 21 days event is during the boxy sales and I’m just planning to throw money at that-they have so many of my staples I need to replace…so I’m fine with this.

  25. How good is the Ulta sale? I usually shop there but didn’t know they had a sale coming up

  26. The Frank Body Booty Drops main ingredient is coffee that’s why it smells like roasted beans, the caffeine is a vasoconstrictor so it tightens fat cells and makes skin smoother. I use mine an hour before getting in the shower so you can get the tightening effects (I use it all over my jiggly arms/ belly and butt) so wash away the smell before I start my day and I’m good to go.

  27. Yeah I knew there was coffee but I guess I’m dumb because I was expecting more of a coffee shop coffee smell. I’m definitely going to do this! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  28. Treat Yo Self, gurrrrrrrrl!

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