I'm willing to be patient with the new (projected) roster

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  1. I’ll be there repping C9 baby! Would be fucking amazing to see the boys in blue make it to the final day but either way it’s gonna be an amazing weekend!

  2. At home recovering now bro, a few hours post op. Pain isn't very bad at this point and I'm hoping it doesn't get much worse at all from here, because this is very manageable.

  3. I was lucky enough to be mostly pain free while laying on my back, on times where I would want to lay up I would have a bunch of pillows stacked behind me so I didn't have to be super up-right!

  4. I have managed to lay down more comfortably already actually which is great I napped for about 45 minutes. I have a little soreness in my right shoulder still, which the nurse said is normal with the co2 trying to leave the body. Operation took about an hour.

  5. Ooo yes I forgot about the CO2 shoulder pain, shit was hella annoying but faded away after day 2 for me! I heard movement is helpful to get the gas out faster so that’s great to hear you’re already implementing movement around the house!

  6. I love this question! I'm starting with Last Dinosaurs like so many of you on Thursday and ending with Polo and Pan on Sunday. I love French dance music!

  7. Haha I love to hear that! It seems like there’s a few people on this thread alone who are starting at Last Dinosaurs and ending at Polo and Pan! Such a cool coincidence 😇 gonna be great vibes to start and end the weekend on can’t wait

  8. Young Franco and Green Day. Gonna be a blast

  9. Yessssir!!! 50 more days, it’ll be here before we know it 🙏

  10. This is the way! If you only like one genre of music or aren't willing to do some research then yea this festival won't be for you. Makes me happy to see a few more positive posts on this subreddit today :D

  11. Ahh yes I've been waiting for some more positive posts! I understand that maybe the headliners aren't the best they've ever been. But after doing some research my girlfriend and I are pleasantly surprised and can't wait for our second 4 day adventure back to back years! :D Going to be a great time!

  12. Drafting full topside first three picks only to have an insta locked malphite come in from Fly LMAO. Then we put the cherry on top with Ezreal Alistar to close out the draft.

  13. Roasting a player live on stream and afterwards in a post game thread hours after severe controversy has hit the team is so unprofessional and just weird man. But I hope you feel better after it!

  14. Lol why do people take PR statements as 100% fact? Of course Zven didn't have anywhere else to go, so might as well try to fight for his spot vs an relatively unknown player in Berserker.

  15. You honestly think Zven doesn’t think he could find another team to start for by 2024? He’s one of the most competitive people in the LCS, I guarantee he wouldn’t stay on C9 if he didn’t see value in it

  16. You actually think he is staying in C9 until 2024 with no starting spot if he gets another competitive offer?

  17. Bro of course I don’t expect him to stay until 2024 but why extend an extra year if he doesn’t like what C9 has going on. He’s been around C9 for a while, it’s not like he’s signing the contract without thinking.

  18. Anyone worried about the chance of them being stuck in Korea with the new variant? Countries are starting to lockdown their borders, I'm Canadian though so don't have a good idea of how the US is handling it

  19. Yea that’s definitely a thought that’s crossed my mind. I also wonder if that’s at all related to why Fudge isn’t in Korea yet? (Saw some posts that fudge was active in NA soloQ last night when Blaber and Max had already left for KR) and I swear I’ve heard something about Australians having tough times with travel (might only be for going to/leaving Australia tho) I’m sure Jack has thought all this through tho 🙏

  20. Caedral probably said that because most teams don’t have high quality academy teams.

  21. Did you just say that Jojo and Vulcan are better than Jiizuke/Ignar? LMFAO

  22. Maybe saying JoJo is better rn than Jiizuke was a stretch but I guarantee you he will end up being better and I think switching to JoJo is 100% the correct move. And I double down on Vulcan being better than ignar.

  23. 1.) Fudge is so mature for his age I’m very glad this video has made it seem that he is the team captain.

  24. When G2 had Perkz G2 was easily my second fav. I've always mildly liked FNC and especially liked them with Nisqy and Upset last year. This season my number 2 team will no doubt be EG. I think their roster has so much potential and is a model for what teams outside of the big 3 should model after. You have 2 high potential NA talents (Jojo and Danny) two former C9 legends (Vulcan and Impact) and Inspired who is a young LEC stud. They seem like an extremely easy team to root for.

  25. It's exciting for sure. Kudos to Jack for having the discipline to keep this quiet while he was getting flamed 😂😂😂

  26. Absolute strong mental lmao I would have to keep myself off socials for a bit for sure 😂😅

  27. I think Jack has big dad energy and is also super fucking motivated to make C9 the absolute best it can be. He’s a huge part of the reason why C9 is not only my favorite esports org but also I place I dream of working at/with some day in the future.

  28. I will miss Zven. He did a lot for C9, really don't understand all the hate he gets.

  29. Zven’s work ethic is unmatched in LCS and his passion and desire to win should alone award him some credit but “fans” get pissed when he can’t turbo stomp international players. Also Zven’s personality in our content was so fucking perfect, looking back in hindsight I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to replace Sneaky the last two years. I’m extremely grateful for the domestic success him and Vulcan brought and I really really hope Zven finds a spot he likes somewhere.

  30. Terrie and Deez were the most exciting solo laners on any server last year

  31. Yeah after Jack called all pro na-player fans racist and troll benched Jensen and Sneaky Ive hated him and will forever.

  32. Get off the sub Reddit and stop being a fan then, you can root for Regi and Steve since they are perfect humans 👍

  33. It’s worth it in merch alone I’d argue. Add on all the interactive and exclusive content and it’s definitely worth if you can afford to front the money! I got to play in an aram match vs Vulcan and be in the same discord chat as a lot of the players so it was extremely fun!

  34. If my memory serves me right he was on an ADC and absolutely hard shit on me and my team lmfao. I even had one of my best champions (Rumble) never stood a chance for a second 😂😂

  35. Literally LOL’d reading this. Gotta get this as a copy-pasta in LS’ chat

  36. Hahah thanks, I was trying to imagine the roster moves that would make this sub implode the hardest, and I think this would be it lmao

  37. I’m seriously going to miss Zven so much if he leaves. He’s a very motivated person so I’m sure he plans on still playing professionally but if not I would absolutely love to see him stay in C9 in some manner either coaching or content creation. No matter where he goes after this I know he’ll be successful. Any org would be lucky to have him

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