1. This is totally the OP blaming a service worker. "Why not put more effort in for me? Poor me." Why not blame the person that actually jacked your package? Nope. Directly at someone you can shame. Super Eugene thing to do. Thanks for keeping Eugene entitled.

  2. That sucks! Ringing the doorbell is critical! I'm a mailman that will always knock or ring. The sooner it's off the porch the better

  3. I always knock but was trained not to ring the bell unless there’s a sign that says to ring.

  4. I was looking into getting a skirt. Worth it??.

  5. I’m so excited to get myself a skirt and a little cross tie once my allowance comes in

  6. Those don’t look empty. Especially with the way the box of PBR is tilted

  7. Fuck so I gotta plan 30 years in advance to make sure I’m able to retire comfortably?

  8. Wasn’t in an LLV but I got pulled over for coasting through a stop sign, had been at Academy for 9 hours that day and driven 3 home afterward. Cop let me off with a warning cause I had explained that I’m a carrier, I’m generally not a fan, but he was a cool guy.

  9. How can a LLV go up to 85 lmao Odm says 75 max doesn’t it ? Haha

  10. You pack spare shoes in addition to all this and it DOESNT take up much space?! Share your ways, magic man

  11. I live on my route so the only thing I bring to work is my sunny disposition and disagreeable attitude

  12. I wouldn’t want my route. Full of park and loops in one of the hilliest neighborhoods in the city

  13. The last skirt I bought was almost to my ankles! I wear a mens 40 waist pant but the 22 skirt is a bit big. Here's the kicker, each uniform company seems to size differently....I got a sz. 20 from one vendor that was smaller than the sz. 18 from a different vendor.

  14. Which did you order from? I’m also in the market for one of the skirts once my allotment comes in.

  15. I remember my jump seat says. It was nearly impossible to stay awake. Maybe it was the fumes.

  16. I had my shadow day yesterday and nearly fell asleep several times😂

  17. Isn’t it?! Just my first day on my own, I was stoked to see it.

  18. You got a criminal record or some recent moving violations?

  19. None! Everything has cleared. MVR and GIS background check cleared quickly and swiftly. I’m a nanny now, so I pass background and MVR frequently.

  20. An old roommate used to keep his laundry in one. Wasn’t involved with the usps at the time so I didn’t say anything but it irked me for sure.

  21. Get a doctors note for any shoe you want. Best and safest option.

  22. Does this mean that if I were to slip and had that doctors note I would still be covered by workers comp?

  23. I am a female and I have to say that if a guy used those moves on me I'd be on him in an instant. This post is spot on.

  24. yeah their background check rules are hilarious! You'd think we're applying to be Secret Service lol. "I need you to account for every day the last 5 years"........blow me lol

  25. The way I stalked my own Facebook to find one company’s start and end dates cause they “have a new system” and couldn’t find me since they had switched🙄

  26. I’m currently going through the same thing. They told me mine was sent 9/25 and I should just be waiting for USPS to let me know what the next step is. Finally got an offer for an ARC position I forgot I had applied for but declined since I realized that position wouldn’t be the best for me. Hoping they made that offer based on the fact my MVR came back good though. I have the CCA position that I’m hoping for on “Pre Hire List” as well still though, so fingers crossed I get an offer for that. Anyway I think the wait is normal and I never received any confirmation about whether mine was clear or not either (it should be).

  27. I feel like a desperate girl who’s being left on read by a boy she likes. His friends are telling her that he likes her but he hasn’t texted her back. Ugh.

  28. The entire process for me being hired as a CCA took 4 or 5 months. Some people in my same orientation group said it only took them 1 month. I scored a 99 on the test.

  29. Ugh. I just really hate my current job is all. Trying to get out as soon as I can. Thanks♥️

  30. Oh and don't ever buy shoes with your allowance, everything on the catalog cost 2.5 times what it should and is held together with fairy farts and the hopes and dreams of CCAs during peak, that is to say plan on buying everything that does not need to be postal branded on your own if you can afford it and save the allowance for shirts and pants that need to be official.

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