1. Love it brother, but, you are smoking dabs from a fancy Crack pipe! 🤣

  2. That’s more of a meth pipe but you’re on the right track

  3. Never tried it myself, but I’ve seen various videos and a few people smoke / do hot rail’s of it.

  4. Wasn't the story behind this that the guy was trying to dehydrate himself"

  5. I’m pretty sure he was trying to mummify himself. There’s a many year process and diet that these monks undergo to start the mummification process before death

  6. Never seen a group of dudes so HYPED to see their boy’s Dong.

  7. 3 bites would probably cost the same amount of the actual shoes

  8. Keep us posted! If they indeed do work well, they would be helpful for me.

  9. We melt and cast too, but even then we need to slice it up to fit in our granulator which is relatively small. May upgrade it so we can slice thicker (less slices). Most of this bar is getting melted. The entire two previous bars were melted.

  10. You ever see a fake one that had lead or something in it? I know they’re typically drilled to check but people do shady things ( obviously if you’re buying from a legit vendor it doesn’t happen but was jw)

  11. Juicy, with a small peen tip on his phone screen

  12. Ugh. People just say this on his posts now for the upvotes. "This man's profile was an adventure!"

  13. Oh yeah cold turkey at home at that dose sounds like a horrible idea in my opinion... atleast get into a detox/rehab place if u did...

  14. Good luck with that, a lot of detoxes won’t touch methadone maint clients these days because they’re all switching to subutex and suboxone.

  15. Im currently doing a merhadone 2 week detox from 45mg from half a gram daily use....

  16. I’m sorry about that and certainly agree with you. I don’t take benzos but while trying to kick some benzos and clonadine will make me 100% more comfortable. The high blood pressure and anxiety while kicking are the worst for me, especially during the beginning and is what has discouraged me in the past

  17. Totally but that wouldn’t happen bc they’re looking for OF views obviously

  18. I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen more of them as a cheap(er) option for providing mobility for light infantry units. Are they flimsy? Sure. Are they reliant on your muscles? Damn right. Do they provide protection from incoming fire? Fuck no, they don't. But when you need to get from point A to point B, it beats the hell out of walking, especially when you add 60-80 pounds of kit.

  19. Not to mention the batteries are basically a bomb between your legs

  20. Yes. More generally, stress conditions do. Drought and cold stress lead to significant increases, and there is some data suggesting salt stress might be a factor, too - but if you're looking to make your peppers more spicy, delaying watering by a couple of days is the safe way.

  21. This, it’s called a dry back and it’s a great way to improve plant strength and fruit / flower quality in many plants

  22. I leave mine like this and it works great, they ripen very rapidly so make sure to toss them in the fridge, sauce them or dry them once they hit your desired ripeness

  23. Also, next time you plant, add some pumice or pearlite to your soil for better aeration and drainage.

  24. If not eat it, then you're gonna boof it?

  25. My butthole just clenched tight even thinking about this

  26. That undertaker sound effect when he gets up after he gets knocked out 🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀

  27. Don't forget dry ice hash. Fairly new but way easy. Easier than bubble wash. Have done a bit myself and was blown away at ease, lack of tools, overall outcome. Huge yields off what used to be trash! Lol I am super lazy but this is worth every minute. Just google 'How to make dry ice hash'. I suggest actual bubble bags (trademark name). They are inexpensive easy to use and easily washed for reuse. Will last a loooong time. Even with dry ice.

  28. This^ - 100% agree and am always recommending dry ice hash over bubble.

  29. Holy shit. I’m so glad I left the coast. I feel for you. I don’t lose power because of weather but when I do it’s for 3-5 days.

  30. I live in NY, I’m located directly on the water and my backyard literally over looks a PSE&G power plant……

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