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  1. So what actually happened? I'll in the dark here, haven't been following for a few days

  2. Hey Peeps. 

Obviously been reading the comments on this thread. and looking to upgrade headphones. 

Bit of history -

I Currently have the Turtle Beach Gem 2 Max, Not overly impressed with the sound quality, it’s not bad. But not great. 

I took a 15 year break from gaming and played quite competitively in COD 1&2 with attending LANs in Europe etc. 

I’m a PC player when when I used to play COD1&2 I could literally pin point where footsteps where, i could work out they were in the building behind me upstairs (at the time I had a dope sound card and headset)

Now returning to Gaming on an XBOX series X with a KBM first FPS i’ve jumped back into is Vangaurd.

  3. I just bought a nova pro wirelessva ~ but a strange thing happened~~ from time to time a very large crackling audio will come from the headset, ~ after reading some articles, this seems to be a bug in the wireless version? Does anyone have a similar problem? I The only thing is that there is a loud noise in the left channel~ This really scared me...

  4. Honestly man, I'd return the wireless asap! They're absolutely shite! The wired are much, MUCH better! Or try a different brand if wireless is a must!

  5. I can't answer this myself as I wouldn't want to be the one who gets you to break something. But I'm sure this would have been answered somewhat before. Throw some key words up in the search bar, grab a cuppa and have a mooch through! Good luck

  6. I think I saw one of these, signed and what not, go for thousands on eBay! Very good find my guy!!

  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again, people love to hate Infinite... It's so damn toxic!

  8. They haven't explicitly said he's dead but I highly doubt he'd be able to escape even if he were still alive. Both his body and mind have been pretty much broken and I believe he was simply killed and discarded after he served his purposes.

  9. See I'm still wondering what his true purpose was, because the numbers he was muttering and the broken sentences were filled with mystery. I'd like to think we're not done with him just yet. But yeah, I can see a tragic ending for him. He's far too broken now as you said! Kind of a killer meeting all these characters just to be killed off😭😂

  10. The numbers are his service i.d nothing more

  11. Feel like an idiot now mithering over that😂 thanks for the info!

  12. Just jumping in here. When in Rubicon Protocol is it implied that brutes are weaker? I've gotten the impression it's done the opposite. The fight with Hoorvak (spelling?) And the Bloodstar, the battle at the Reverie when it's described a normal brute can be a big problem, even with a Spartan in hand to hand.

  13. My bad for the late reply, but wanted to fully finish and think on it for a moment. Yeah it's kind of crazy how I saw the brutes as generally stronger, and more of a threat. But seeing the part where Stone punched the guts out of a brute was wild tbh lol!

  14. KiwiFarms has all the social media posts, including Archie stating he is always depressed. The mother's social media posts show she liked to publicly humiliate him. There has never been any evidence of any online challenge; no video recording was taken.

  15. So if this is in fact the case, we should be seeing his mother being dragged through a fine tooth investigation soon? I'm not being argumentative. I just saw this whole story for how sad it was. A child dying on life support and a family that distraught they're trying everything to save him. I'll certainly look into all that though. And if she's really as bad as what you've said then Jesus Christ she deserves all sorts of hell!

  16. There will be an inquest (as there is for any child's death). Even his Instagram username began with 'Painhub'. There are multiple Instagram posts by Archie with drawings or handwritten posters with the word Depressed on. It's all incredibly sad and there are red flags everywhere. And what On Earth was the Southend MP doing smiling at his bedside along with his mother having a beaming smile? Mother raising £50,000 despite zero legal costs and zero NHS costs.

  17. It's just a giant shitshow, and the only person I feel sorry for is that young boy... Like if his mom is just dragging his name round to better her own pockets then fuck me, what a wrongun

  18. Why is racism towards Irish people always so casually permitted

  19. Well for one, Irish isn’t a race. Also the term paddywagon isn’t an offensive term, it’s just a term associated with a group of people. If you stick paddywagon into google you’ll see loads of businesses etc associated with the term located in Ireland

  20. Always one, "irISh isnT a RaCE" Irish people supposedly can't be a victim of racism or discrimination. Oh great, I must have my history mixed up. Silly me.

  21. Because they've gotten away with it for so long mate. Unfortunately just look at N.I and people can see openly how bad it is. Plus people down voting you doesn't make it look better lol

  22. The dad did nothing to the guy and only saved face because the wrestler didn't go after him and suplex him through a table. And I'm not defending him lmao what a shitty counter, I'm just shitting on internet tough guys because it's fun and they can't help themselves but to respond.

  23. Ok on topic. Could you take him in your opinion? If not, would you still swing it for honour? I mean, I may as well commit to the thread since I'm this deep now.

  24. Lmao fuck no I couldn't take him. He's a professional athlete in something approximating combat sports. And no, of course not. I would just Karen it up to the head of the venue and promotion he wrestles for.

  25. I'm not in the slightest bit communist. Yes, it needs redistribution it's immense unowned wealth sat in a bank forever more you cretin. By redistribution I do of course simply mean 'given back' to the people. You know, the people who pay for its upkeep and everything else to do with it?

  26. Oh fuck off lol. Taking someone's wealth at force and deciding how it should be used... Sound familiar you absolute weapon? It could do with a remodeling of course to fit today's world better. And a lot of you guys love chanting about "the people who pay for its upkeep and everything else" you understand that's how a real society works right? We contribute to the overall standing of our country by paying a bit of money regularly. You know it could be used to fund schools, critical services, upkeep of historical monuments, paying our MPs... So who's deciding who gets what in your imagination matey? Is it you?

  27. Hang on, people have a problem with OPs choice of title, but will absolutely cuss the fuck out of the devs and anyone who's enjoying Halo ATM. Please, someone make it make sense😭

  28. Ayy it's the cunt from The Boys😉 love the work btw!

  29. well... good. i hope it continues till we get what we were promised.

  30. And until then we'll continue to see these posts multiple times a day😁 exciting times ahead!

  31. If you think that 343 are going to do anything without people constantly giving them shit about it you haven’t been playing halo for the last 10 years

  32. Promote good gameplay when you see it! Interact on twitter etc

  33. Bro I won't lie... Ranked has felt broken for a good while now lmao. Had to call in a few mates to help get me my final few wins to Onyx

  34. Looks like someone just watched Mints new video and decided to parrot what he said 😂

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