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  1. This reminds me of the one time I was called a cheater in the game. Siege is not a game where I often get called a cheater unlike other games. There was one time where it was a 1v1 and I was attacking. I didn’t know where the last guy was and 3 of my teammates yellow ping this guys exact location. He was in the corner of master bedroom in Oregon where there’s a bangable wall. I stopped because my teammates were talking over each other and I tried to get them to shut up. I got their message as they are screaming “ON PING”. Three yellow pings come up and I snap onto it and get a headshot.

  2. I hate people. We should be celebrating differences not hating on them. Imagine you had a dream of playing AFL your whole life and the day you get drafted is the day you get abused by people you don’t even know.

  3. The umpiring difference between AFLW and AFL is ridiculous. It’s crazy how lenient they are for the women

  4. I just saw Black Panther last night and while I was slightly drunk and tired, I really enjoyed it. Felt like it dragged on a little bit since it finished at midnight but it was still good.

  5. I’d just move out at that point. No one should have to deal with someone who does that

  6. I’d say try and get a fire type in there and either a grass type or electric type to deal with water types since they are the most common types. Replace Roggenrola with an electric type. Electivire is a good one. I’d say you don’t need all 3 of Gible, Snorunt and Flabebe. You don’t need 3 Pokémon good against dragon. I’d personally get rid of Snorunt since ice just isn’t a great type and fairy deals with dragons much easier

  7. I'd recommend swapping out spheal. For, maybe, a fire type. And AZ for a better grass type. I had a trevenant and later swapped for a Decidueye. Also I later swapped out my gigalith for a lycanroc

  8. Idk about swapping out Spheal. Walrein was probably my MVP. It’s so good

  9. Sometimes when I’m at the supermarket, I eat one grape from the bunch when no one is looking. Rebellious, I know. Some would say badass too

  10. I do find it interesting that Giants have more AFLW supporters than Brisbane, Fremantle and Richmond

  11. Now you can’t move it until someone buys it. Wherever you are is where it stays

  12. I could be totally wrong but array? From black ops 1?

  13. Low key hope this happens to me so I don’t feel compelled to keep playing with the SBMM the way it is

  14. Got a game called Inside. Never heard of it until now. Was $3 but got it for free with my platinum points. Looks like a fun game and I like the art style

  15. I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without seeing another opinion on far cry 6. I don’t know what the general consensus is on it but I absolutely loved the game. It’s the most time I put into a far cry game

  16. All I want at this stage is gamefreak to at least acknowledge the issues. If they can acknowdge they fucked up then they might just get a little bit of respect. I hope they aren’t blissfully unaware of these issues. I feel like their reputation is on the line tbh

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