1. Live in bay area, have monkeypox, have been asking different doctors to test me for 3 weeks only just found someone who was willing

  2. Doesn’t seem to work for me, I’ve gone entire days without eating and gotten no relief

  3. The study used alternate day fasting for 30 days or 2 weeks, I think. It sounds like it takes a microbiome shift. Have you had consistency like that?

  4. Never, I just saw someone mention they noticed a difference after a day.

  5. Frankly, it's because of your obsession of status and demeaning anyone that makes under a certain salary (including yourself). Too much lurking in FATFIRE threads and not enough balance in other aspects of life.

  6. Well I try not to be disrespectful towards others who have different goals, standards, and preferences than me, I only try to change myself. I need to escape the mediocre life I have created for myself, right now I have no future.

  7. You should try harder. At least 3 times, you call MEs crabs in a buckets just because they don't agree with your same financial goals. You keep saying ME is worthless while so many MEs are happily going on with their lives. Yet, you call them crabs in a buckets??!

  8. You know what, I don’t even disagree with you. I think I might also have something socially wrong with me because I never really considered those statements would be offensive to those who make less than me, for some reason I always viewed them as more successful than me as well. I’m not sure why I never thought about it either. I didn’t mean to offend others when I said that, I guess I was just purely thinking of my own situation and how desperate I felt when I made those statements.

  9. Wow some of the top comments are horrible/bad advice/copium/ignorance to reality…

  10. I’ve tried explaining this to them but they don’t listen. “Mech e is so flexible!” is a talking point straight out of a Bureau of Labor Statistics pamphlet from 1979, I know because I actually found it in one.

  11. He’ll make more money regardless of whether he’s good at it or not. I don’t understand why so many ME’s are afraid to face the facts, SwE’s and even basic web devs make as much as senior mechanical engineers and have way better job opportunities in general. I’ve yet to see a single piece of data (one off Reddit posts or individual job listings don’t count) to discount this.

  12. Software Engineer millennial here. I’ve also had lots of jobs before my current career. Food industry, luthier assistant, warehouse worker unloading heavy ass boxes all day.

  13. That’s not why you guys get paid that much, it’s supply and demand. Entry level software engineers make almost as much or more than senior level mechanical and civil engineers who have spent decades accumulating knowledge and had to study just as hard for their degrees (if not harder). No offense to you, software is hard, but so is bridge design, engine design, plane design etc.

  14. I 100% agree lots (if not most) jobs get horribly underpaid (teachers for one).

  15. SwE’s make with a handful of years of experience what ME’s and CivE’s make with a decade + of experience. And you’re right, it’s basically unheard of to get a job as a traditional engineer without a degree while it’s somewhat common in software, I think because there’s just so much demand.

  16. If you don't have talent and passion and love the work, find something else to do

  17. OP needs to be banned. All he does is spam the subreddit with variations of "my engineering career is bad" and "I don't make a lot of money" or "should have went into software". And when people comment on advice he just goes something like I'm a loser with no skills/I can't do anything.

  18. I was recently unbanned actually, I agree it would be like a mercy killing at this point.

  19. While that’s a common saying (“pumps don’t create pressure, they create flow!”) I’m not sure it’s actually true, I believe it depends on the type of pump being used, but I believe a more correct formation of that sentence would be “pumps create both pressure and flow”.

  20. Lol lots of options in ME including management and many adjacent technical careers. How many of these fools writing dating software gonna be running game in 10-15 years?

  21. There are very few options in ME in 2022, that was true in 1980 maybe. The available options are all low paying (65-80k).

  22. buddy i'm a mechE 12 years out of college and I make $160k - salary, not total comp. And I'm far from a genius or exceptional worker. Graduated in the depths of the great recession too, which was a shit time to be entering the job market.

  23. What do you do? Do you work in a role that is connected to the department of defense or in oil/gas? Those seem to be the highest paying roles for MEs.

  24. I make $95K as an 2nd level mech E + bonus at 3 years of experience in a low cost of living city (Buffalo)

  25. You are in the ~75th percentile for mechanical engineers in your area if you work as a mechanical engineer. Are you actually a “mechanical engineer” or do you work as a “systems engineer” or some other non mechanical role?

  26. You’ve got a great job with a great career path it seems, those numbers are terrific for the cost of living of the area you are in, I don’t have anything negative to say about it, you are in a much better position than me. I just need to get more skills and be better I guess.

  27. EE is far more saturated than software which is growing massively, there’s a lot of sour grapes about software engineering among traditional engineers as software engineers are basically compensated like traditional engineers would be had they followed inflation since the 80s, but traditional engineering has stagnated against inflation while software has not. I say go for it and forget all the crabs in the bucket trying to tell you it’s not worth it, it will net you millions of dollars extra over your lifetime and allow you to afford a home.

  28. Use your savings to pay off your student loan debt asap. Once you have ended your debt your options will open up immediately to save and invest more aggressively. A mortgage is the only debt you should ever have to carry. Every other debt is dead weight.

  29. If the student loans are still on deferral I would wait to see what the political situation is going to be like, he could potentially get 10k of forgiveness

  30. Being a millionaire is more common than being six foot tall these days, it’s barely noteworthy anymore unfortunately

  31. Idk where you got that idea. The movement formed in direct response to worsening labor conditions. Maybe we Engineers still get to have cushy, well paying jobs, but show some solidarity here. Many jobs pay peanuts and demand long hours with no benefits and very little PTO. There are incredibly valid complaints in the anit-work movement that we should support lest we lose our benefits too.

  32. It's not the way your brain functions, it's how you say it.

  33. Most rich people I know have advanced degrees that require a certain threshold of intelligence and conscientiousness to receive in the first place, more than I am capable of. I always thought rich people in general were just smarter, I never knew it didn’t really matter.

  34. No. It's all advertising. All free drawings are basically advertising.

  35. Would viewing an ad be a “consideration” as defined by Thompson Coburn LLC in this article? My first instinct is no, but imagine the ad was 15 minutes. Or an hour

  36. That's a complicated question that could depend on your state and the exact nature of what people have to do to enter. It seems presumably unlikely that anyone really would find doing a CAPTCHA for anti-fraud purposes to be consideration, but there's some threshold of activity

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