1. aye ur the guy who sucks on glow sticks, nice to see u back dre also damn you be lookin STACKED 🍑🥵

  2. Lol one is a secret agent and the other has a bow

  3. nah i just don’t know shit bout pokémon he do be cute tho

  4. That’s fine, Lotad is always Lotad

  5. Wow. I’m so sorry you went through this. This was definitely rape. Like most other comments have said, you said no to penetrative sex and he continued anyways. Although I hate referring to this as sex, as sex is something intimate and consensual that you share with someone else. This is rape. I’m so glad you blocked this guy immediately. I would advice never speaking to this scum back again and filing a report if you feel comfortable with that. I know this must’ve been very traumatizing for you and I’m sorry you went through this. Know that you are going to be okay, and that there are lots of good people out there who will not use you like this. Take all the time you need and focus on making yourself feel better and safe and secure. I hope you are able to grow and kick this bastard out of your mind. You are so strong. I’m wishing you the best. <3

  6. love the shirt bro! gotta get me one of those

  7. That's where my mind went

  8. idk shit bout music but my ears like whatever ur doin! good stuff man :)

  9. depends if you wanna look like spider man, a ninja, or like u gon rob the place

  10. me except the "clingy but not too clingy". im always either too clingy or too aloof there is no middle ground

  11. yeah, also I'm a day older than him, and he got back from a ten day vacation yesterday and without meaning to, I hugged him and started crying, it felt like the gayest shit ever, but yeah

  12. it’s not gay to care about your friends (altho it can be 😅)

  13. what a POS. i’m glad she’s at least out of your life

  14. do whatever you want. if some people have a problem with it that’s their problem not yours

  15. You dont even know where i live teleport to me now😡😡

  16. i have pecs and use them as stress balls imagine i had actual boobs 😮😈

  17. boobs do make pretty great stress balls ngl

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