1. There’s a weird bug where weapons with innate radiation can one shot archons. Given the current ratios on archons’ damage attenuation, it’s one of the only ways to beat them efficiently

  2. Children’s museum, science museum and the aquarium. Touristy and cliche, but still my kid’s favorite childhood memories.

  3. Nice support of veterans saving lives… probably because he didn’t use a flag-painted AR-15 to do it

  4. While I cannot vouch for coding requirements in the upper division courses, ChemE only requires you take a single programming language for your dedicated coding requirement. If you take an AMATH class, it will be MATLAB. If you take the CSE 12x sequence, it will be Java. If you get permission to count something from CSE 16x sequence, it will be Python

  5. One of my friends uses actual rocks for their rock tokens. Its pretty hilarious when he sits at a table of random people.

  6. I was going to try to find a small bag of aquarium or planter gravel for this exact purpose, thanks for the reminder

  7. Zephyr gives like 150% cc to weapons while in the air. Can be really easy to take a weapon to red crits

  8. She may not compare to the numbers on crit activated abilities, but she sure does have the best crit passive

  9. Boohoo, the champs whose main job is to be large and survive are actually allowed to survive instead of getting melted in 2 seconds by literally every adc

  10. That's not what anyone is upset about. Tanks have always done too much damage, now they 1shot and survive vs everything.

  11. I’ve played almost nothing but Cho’gath on SR for several years, tank build only ever did serious damage for one patch while they were still balancing the bami’s cinder mythics. This is the first time in a long time I’ve felt like I can consistently go even with fighters in top lane

  12. is this rare? i was doing venus railjack for the first time and both the survival and defence gave me Ash Systems on the first rotation

  13. They recently changed its rotation, unsure if drop rate was changed, but regardless the farm time has been drastically reduced

  14. I want to have a word with the designer about the layout of Greater Boston

  15. Cho main, sorry to say the Heartsteel is not broken by any means. Zero armor and mr really hurts, plus only doing the extra damage once per combat feels so bad compared to Sunfire or Frostfire

  16. If they insist on giving me a neck shave I know they can’t be trusted. Trying to justify putting me under the razor for two hairs is mega red flag

  17. After Barrow asks Carson if the house is prepped for the convalescent home “We’ll have to be, won’t we, Thomas?”

  18. Lol its water. Sure harbor water but still, parasites through the nostrils?

  19. N. fowleri, the brain-eating amoeba, is believed to infect humans by that exact route. Incredibly rare and extreme example, but it’s the first that comes to mind

  20. So you agree with the comment over mine and dont go swimming anywhere because youre afraid of this parasite?

  21. No never said I don’t swim, and I definitely don’t read the above comment that way either. I just don’t look at murky water and go, “hmm perfect spot for a dip”

  22. wanting to fuck your champ gives you super powers, thats my running theory

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