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  1. I think Godfrey is worse than Malenia but internet says differently...

  2. really? for whatever reason I found godfrey super easy, beat him second try. Fire Giant on the other hand, currently at 24 and not even close

  3. I'm not offended at all, because I understand the context of the word used, but I gotta point out Kendrick's hypocrisy on this one.

  4. That’s another point he makes in the song at the very end. He points out his own hypocrisy, saying “f*****, f*****, f***** / We can say it together / But only if you let a white girl say n*****”. He realized that he was a hypocrite and reflects on it

  5. Maybe he's trying to show the absurdity of gender roles? I'm still trying to understand why he does this as well.

  6. From my interpretation, this is to show his growth. At the beginning he sometimes misgenders them as he’s still learning, but by the end he consistently uses the correct pronouns to show how he’s grown since then

  7. He is a Man of Focus, Commitment and Sheer Fucking Will.

  8. 10% Luck, 20% Skill, 15% Concentrated Power of Will, 5% Pleasure, 50% Pain, 100% Reason to Remember the Name

  9. Do they? I'm scouring my memory, but the only lines I can recall of Owen and Beru talking about Anakin really don't convey that to me at all. Honestly, Obi-Wan's line about Owen wanting Anakin to "stay here" and not get involved is the only line I can think of that firmly connects Anakin to Tatooine.

  10. One if his lines are “He has too much of his father in him”

  11. Precisely. These people don't realize how much of their understanding comes from outside content. They watch lore videos then unknowingly attribute the storytelling to Fromsoft. If this game came out prior to the internet these people would realize how arbitrary the narrative is in this game.

  12. I’m a bit late here but what I will say is that all these videos and such come from in game item descriptions, cut scenes, etc. Just because they piece the lore together to make a coherent story doesn’t mean they’re making stuff up, and by looking at item descriptions and such you can find all the lore you see on the internet

  13. I was in 6th grade and we were on a field trip to the National Museum of Natural History in NYC. It was in the spring a week or so before mothers day, so I wanted to get a gift for my mom. Well my sixth grade mind decided it would be a smart idea to forget that entirely the minute I walked through the door, and I spent nearly all my money in the first like 20 minutes. So I make to the end and I realize that I completely forgot about the whole gift idea. I’m scrambling around to find a cheap gift, and I find the perfect gift. It was a little trinket that I knew my mom collected, so although it was cheap, it was also meaningful. Very excited, I head to the register, and hear that it was exactly 3 cents over what I have. So I’m very disappointed, and pick it up and go to bring it back. Now the cashier, who was about 60-70, goes “Wait a second” and gets out the 3 cents from his pocket, and pays for the rest of the gift. In my sixth grade mind, it was brand new to me that someone that never saw me before then would just do something like that. Now I’m much older, and I have no clue how he is doing, but I still think of him probably every other day, and at my job now, I do the same thing. It makes me sad to think he might have passed away by now, but he is easily a top 10, arguably top 5, most influential person in my life.

  14. Look up ”2 million runes per hour elden ring”

  15. It's far more than 2 million runes an hour, especially with the golden scarab. I was able to get a million in about 15 minutes. Adjusting for misshots and when the bird randomly loses aggro before the ledge, I'd say it's at least roughly 3 million an hour, much more if you get lucky with yellow eyed rune multiplier (and I'm assuming a lot more in NG+, but still haven't wrapped up my first playthrough so I'm not sure how much more it is).

  16. Oh I also believe its more, but the video explaining calls it 2 mil an hour

  17. So is paljon onnea just the stronger verb?

  18. I find this very interesting. I’ve never died to Gherman once in my 4 playthroughs (messed up one trying to get platinum), meanwhile I never go a playthrough without dying at least 10 times to cleric beast

  19. umm… no offense but 3x the lethal amount of fetanyl???? The official autopsy report is linked here:

  20. Alright, looking at your links, I think that it is very difficult to find a singular cause of death. First off, according to the autopsy report it is only shown as fentanyl, while your link shows that there are different types of fentanyls each with different fatal doses. Just off of that it is very hard to reach conclusion. Although I agree that he did have multiple other drugs in his system, it is clear that although he wasn’t sober when with police, he was coherent enough that he wasn’t going to overdose. Then, after a police kneeled on his neck for a few minutes he died. Were drugs part of the reason, sure, but I don’t think many people will survive being kneeled on for 9 minutes.

  21. Same chiefs fan here again, this is absolute bullshit, it ruins the games for me if its obvious the refs are biased. Were a good enough team that we dont need their help, fuck the refs honestly

  22. Chiefs fan coming in peace: although I want the chiefs to win, the announcing is unbearable to listen to. Like Hardman scored that touchdown with a below average throw and theyre just riding mahomes dick with how great they say that throw was

  23. Should be just a little up from the cell. I don’t even think you have to face any enemies

  24. I don't mean to be an ass but Cleric Beast is a tutorial boss and even newbies new to the game can beat it first try. You are a hoonter with platinum for gods sake.

  25. And I always have trouble with. However in four playthroughs I’ve never died to Gherman once

  26. I’m also doing it with no blood vials

  27. It’s glyph but misspelled as glypth right

  28. Ah ok, maybe my internets just screwed up idk

  29. Are we in the same dungeon? The one with keeper of old lords, watchdog of old lords, and amygadala?

  30. Indeed I am. Sometimes we just need to try a different password or something. Change it to BB123, silence, then rering

  31. I hate to be that guy but you’re ringing the beckoning bell, not the small resonant bell right? You’d be surprised how many times ppl asking for help ring the wrong one so I ask when it’s taking this long.

  32. I'm ringing at makeshift, is the pw glypth or "glypth"?

  33. Most likely so he doesn’t get touched, same with run plays how the qb just runs away

  34. q-searching at the makeshift, can join if u r ringing in the dungeon

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