1. I’ve had this happen with a couple of items.

  2. Totally forgot Hader was in the Astros organization. Maybe I blocked it out because that ended up being such an awful trade for Houston.

  3. I’d honestly forgotten too until I found this card lol.

  4. I actually just put up my first listing a few minutes ago.

  5. Yeah I’m struggling hard with eBay, and people think I’m just some scammer or some shit. I don’t even wanna sell my cards but my fiancé is on my shit bad about having like 7,000+ cards in our room😂

  6. I mean, if you really need them gone and you’re ok with not getting full value for them, you could just lug them into a card store.

  7. Yeah if you go to games and add ons it’ll be ready to install

  8. Excellent and very informative write up! I'm honestly just hoping that one of our DLC missions might take place in Asia, unlikely but saves us from having to wait 4 years for a little bit of variety!

  9. It appears they may make multiple season passes, so I’d say there’s hope.

  10. My experience with everything in this post has been the complete opposite. I think the changes in 5 have been awesome.

  11. I don’t know if you care, but I decided to test out a lens cleaning wipe on a low value card, and saw it wasn’t damaged by it.

  12. Good to hear, thanks for sharing! There’s some sticklers on here, so you might want to keep that to yourself if you sell it on here 👀

  13. I’m not sure that I’ll be selling it on here, but if I did, I’d be including that information in the post.

  14. Want to do really bad stuff but cannot say what.

  15. I loved the game, and played quite a bit at launch.

  16. I'd consider giving it a go and some leeway if it weren't the fact that it costs as much as the base game.

  17. I bought worldslayer for the story, and I wasn’t disappointed.

  18. I’m looking for a brand new game I haven’t played before but honestly so far I haven’t found one. I live in depth story lines but small things can completely turn me off. Maybe I am not experienced enough but I always go back to the same ones 🤔

  19. If you want a great story, get The Witcher 3.

  20. Ohhhh the other two times I had the stuff, the only time I spawned without an item was the time I spawned with no items

  21. So you got your crossbow bolts then? Because I haven’t, and while it’s still doable, it’s a royal pain trying to fight up to 2 volatiles and half a dozen virals at the same time with the knuckledusters lol.

  22. I’m on a survivor play through as well, and I still got my bolts

  23. techland nerfed it a few weeks ago and never said anything about it

  24. I tried to do that on my first run but couldn’t open the crafting menu.

  25. Just for clarity, you are referring to the Harper Elite missions from the new update, right?

  26. Ever since the Stalingrad update, looking at the ground drops me to around 15-20 FPS.

  27. How did you get that already? I can’t level up now that I’ve completed all of my challenges?

  28. Germany will still take up half of the levels in Greece considering they had to go there and save the Italians in the campaign. It would just be Tunisia gear again.

  29. Goerring used up all of the morphine, so that K98 medkit is the best solution they have.

  30. I’ve not been able to get med kits to work.

  31. You need to HOLD the button (RB if on Xbox) for quite some time. The animation finishes if you just click the button but it wont have effect.

  32. I did hold a long time. It just didn’t work.

  33. You can participate in missions created by other players, but we are not sure if we can give you an editor. Console technical limitations. Sorry.

  34. I’m not sure how your editor works, but in gears 5 they used a tile based system to allow console and pc players alike to create maps for their escape mode.

  35. I’ve never understood these booster complaints.

  36. If they put a server browser on console it would show how little of a player base console actually has. Cant go more than two games without seeing some the same decently ranked players around.

  37. I’m pretty sure the ones who left will be back to play this update.

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