1. Do you really think being armed, getting out, and firing your weapon during a police chaseshould be a death sentence???

  2. Anyone notice her gray roots are showing about an inch?

  3. Right? Why is he pushing her over?

  4. Because she thinks everything he does is cute and precious.

  5. y'all drag me I deserve it but I must speak my truth -- but I am so attracted to Whitney

  6. Nissan and Dodge sell to people with 10 year loans, people with horrible credit.

  7. I recommend calling any store before driving over. It can be hit and miss these days.

  8. "Mother wanted me to come out in a kimono and we had quite the fight..." said ???

  9. Homer, NY!! Walked miles every morning. Gorgeous there.

  10. Wonder what bar it was? Ol Sly's "culture of corruption" LOL.

  11. I use Crystal Rock. 800-728-5634. Two deliveries a month. Wonderful delivery people. Lots of water choices.

  12. Lupe Tortilla. It’s on the upper end of your budget but worth it I promise. The steak marinade is unmatched and the tortillas are like crepes.

  13. Yeah 7 is nothing for dalmatians. I have twice as many, there's 99 of em.

  14. My take on Chleb's 2 way convo: he was listening to Naomie, but to keep the peace with Kathryn, told her what she wanted to hear.

  15. Nah...he was stirring the shit pot for some reason known only to himself.

  16. Venita handled not being invited to the party well

  17. 😂 Being from the Nort' I recommend crusty toasted seeded bread, I also add celery for crunch! Otherwise it is a big NO from me as well!

  18. Y’all are wild lol. They’ve been friends for longer that Kathryn and Chleb have been dating. He’s just trying to come to grips with the fact that his current GF hates his long time friend

  19. It was supposed to be a ~tv~ moment for both of them to be the hosts, but it turned into Madison’s day and Venita was overlooked.

  20. No. It was not wrong. Venita is a trouble making shit stirrer and she got exactly what she deserved. She better watch what she says to Leva because Leva cannot be trusted.

  21. I think it’s manipulation. He didn’t want what he said to Naomi to get back to Kathryn so he planted the seed that Naomi was stirring the pot to preemptively make her look like the bad guy?? Idk but this whole scene threw me off.

  22. And just what was Chleb up to talking crap about Kathryn to Naomi and then running to Kathryn and telling something different???? WTH?

  23. Thank you for rescuing that precious baby! I rescued two July 3. I have said "no", "No", "NO" and "NOOOOOO" constantly since Monday LOL. Zombies and kitten wrestling and chewing on my toes and trying to find the 11 mice that constantly get lost...

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