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Ukrainian students singing in a basement

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Bye bye stock Market 📉

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Zuckerberg Has Burned $500 Billion Turning Facebook to Meta

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. Isn’t she talking about Zuckerberg? How is her posting on Twitter being the center of attention anymore than anyone else posting on Twitter? Lol

  2. It's not - the dude and his simp posse are just doing what they do best. Making shit up and trying to sound like they know what's up

  3. The question I have is... why is he shitting in a closet???

  4. Zuck is a tool but at least he married an Asian doctor... she's well educated and a sensible choice if you want to raise a good family. The other two - Elon and Bezos have terrible taste in women. LOL Bimbos and trash basically

  5. When elon got with grimes I was so confused, but they are both really weird so I guess it kinda works. Talulah was a hottie imo

  6. While I wish this were the reality...I'm afraid this is an overly optimistic assessment of the situation.

  7. If Russia wants to kill everyone in Ukraine and take over the country they can do it. That's not the question. However, Russia finds itself in defeat on on economic front. With no money or a non-functioning economy, no nation can survive. Just today Boeing and Airbus announced they have stopped supplying parts to Russia. I can tell you first hand those commercial and cargo planes are going to stop being functional very soon. Their only hope in a month will be to start cannibalizing other planes for parts, but that can only last so long. Assume you have them flying/working... well now you can only fly to Asia and the Middle East. That's it. How do your airlines survive? There is no tourism from the West. How do you make up for that loss in revenue on a local level? The Ruble is plummeting every day lower and lower, inflation is at 70%, international companies are leaving in a mass exodus. How do you recover from this? Volvo, Ford, etc - are not selling cars or pulling out of Russia. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Netflix etc are stopping service or crippling their products.

  8. Ya I was clearly saying there is no way to save Ukraine from being destroyed. At the same time Russia has been destroyed.

  9. I don’t think this invasion was planned out with any form of thought whatsoever. It’s been executed so ineptly. It’s like Putin was banking on the only result was a ticker-tape parade.

  10. There was a plan but it was poorly thought out. See, in Donbas, Crimea etc, the central Ukrainian government was almost non-existent due to distance, a prior agreement to allow semi-autonomy in exchange for peace, and the fact that a large number of locals favored Russia. So this part was very easy for Russia, they spent a few years in these regions installing puppet pro-russian governors etc as well funding as a basic resistance militia that essentially welcomed Putin in with open arms when they took over in 2014 and at the start of this war (in the East in DPR and LPR).

  11. That's the thing, it is an unwinable war for Russia, the question is whether Putin and his goons realize this when there's an independent Ukraine or an insurgent Ukraine.

  12. Even the best military in the world took one month to capture Baghdad. The thing is Russia will cease to be financially solvent in less than a month.

  13. Think of it like in internal combustion engine. Fuel and air needs to be in the proper ratio to burn and the fuel needs to be properly atomized as well. An engine that is too rich will not ignite or at the very least not ignite fully. Similarly, in the moments after the initial charge is detonated, the canister containing fuel/chemicals/fine metals is not fully dispersed. The initial ignition to blow the canister is quickly extinguished. Also, imagine sparking a lighter in a full fuel tank with little to no oxygen. Nothing will happen but there will be still be a ton of available fuel. However moments later the fuel is now fully atomized and dispersed in the atmosphere and surrounding area. It's now a fine mist and people on the ground can actually breathe it into their lungs as if it's air. Now there is copious oxygen and finely misted fuel/chemicals/fine metals. This is extraordinary combustible. This is why grain silos would explode when they were empty but filled with fine grain dust in the air. Also, going back to the car analogy this is now like an empty fuel tank filled with gas vapor and oxygen. The smallest spark will blow it up (also this is what essentially happened in the belly of TWA 800

  14. I don't think, I know. And unlike Zelenskyy you are absolutely terrible at understanding or creating a global community that is welcoming to the Ukrainian cause. Thank god you are not running Ukraine atm.

  15. Sorry I hurted your ego. And unlike Zelenskyy, you are absolutely terrible at understanding that now is not the moment to post "I think..." kinda content because you are only causing more confussion. Thank god you are not running Ukraine atm.

  16. blah blah blah lol I don't know if you've noticed but the only person typing useless shit, wasting everyone's time, and picking lame fights is you. If you don't like a post downvote it and move on. Maybe find another sub or just go do something useful for once in your life. I have yet to see anything posted by you that is remotely helpful or insightful towards this conflict.

  17. This would have been a great tactic if the cameraman is the distraction and on the opposite side in a window was Saint Javalin...

  18. Honestly, this looks like the perfect job for the A-Team. Need a group of special forces to go to these small towns and setup proper defences. Cue A-team theme...

  19. Only one chopper was downed in the video. I don't see a second one going down? Can anyone give the timestamp of the second helicopter crashing into the water?

  20. Look on the left side of the screen in the water. There is a disturbance similar to what you see in the water after the second heli goes down. The first was shot just prior to the start of the video.

  21. Honestly, there’s no shame in this and I think they know. What’s shameful is shelling citizens after being lied to.

  22. There is a convoy growing by miles each day ready to encircle Kiev. These ragtag groups look like purposeful idiots sent to overwhelm Ukrainian forces/supplies through distraction. If you have 10,000 Russians surrender today where do they go? Who feeds them? How many military movements pause to call in help to take the prisoners etc? In the meantime the real assholes are creating the largest mechanized column and moving it slowly into position. Either ignore these idiot troops and focus on the main columns or find a way to do both, but honestly I hope NATO has a plan for slaughtering that column heading into Kiev in the next 24-48 hours or it is going to be a complete slaughter.

  23. great... now their periods are all going to be in sync...

  24. Take the average trump supporter and remove their last brain cell and give them a gallon of alcohol. That’s the average Russian

  25. After what the Russians did to Chechnya s anyone would argue they deserved it. Cant imagine seeing my family and children raped tortured and murdered and not wanting revenge

  26. That's america and the journalists fault for announcing that the US is giving ukraine stuff lmao. We're so stupid.

  27. All Russian intel is based on western media huh?

  28. More importantly who is the super idiot who will be daring enough to use these super nuclear weapons?

  29. I’m ashamed of these “chechens”. Traitors to their own country. What man with self respect and honor can fight for a country that killed, tortured, raped and did so much more to the chechen people. Fight for a country that destroyed their own. Dogs and traitors!

  30. It's because of what you just listed. I don't mean to sound overly hyperbolic but they are not human anymore. Once you brainwash and dehumanize part of a population they will literally celebrate as they throw their own neighbors and countrymen into ovens and turn their bodies into soap.

  31. 5ka5 says:

    Stop glorifying Chechens just because they are against Russia. Many many of them are brutal islamist scum. They made their country a hellhole for homosexuals.

  32. That was quite a detour at the end. And what about Russia? Is it a gay paradise? In fact I'm not sure you can name one asian, eastern european or middle eastern country that is some kind of 24 hour gay parade.

  33. Stupid media aside, the most effort anyone can expect is everyone attempting to show support in the next few days by changing their profile pic to the Ukrainian flag, and even then, hoping they get it right by putting the blue stripe on top of the yellow.

  34. As a Ukrainian, I can say that this is the most exhaustive description of Russia I've seen in a while, maybe even ever.

  35. This is what I was thinking as well. Russians are depressing, miserable SOBs, and Putin runs basically a Eastern European shithole of a country. Yes, their largest cities such as Moscow are historically significant and beautiful, and they look very modern but they are the playgrounds for the corrupt oligarchs and wealthy grifters with political ties. They are also international cities that attract other such nimrods to come there and spoil themselves on opulent nonsense. But go outside to other areas and you find stuff that will just make you shake your head that anyone could live like this in a modern country.

  36. It's beneficial for Biden having the media focused on the war instead of bidens job record as president

  37. LOLLLL you realize the rest of us can fucking use Google right? You realize the rest of us don't just quote Fox News without looking up reality, right? LOLLLL

  38. The President isn't a King in America. IF I replaced Biden with YOU what would you accomplish with Manchin and Sinema blocking your bills? lol

  39. This is as dumb a comment as saying GM stole the idea of the car from Henry Ford. You do realize that MySpace wasn't even the first social network and it certainly wasn't the only one around before Facebook showed up. There was Orkut, and Friendster, just to name two huge ones.

  40. That's what's happening and now they're using car bombs and burning pipelines to make it look like Ukraine is attacking Donbass

  41. But what stupid motherfucker other than Russia inbreds are going to believe that after doing nothing when Crimea was taken over that now suddenly Ukraine - with all of the West and Western intel watching is going to just attack Russia lolllll and fucking egg on Putin even more at this critical juncture?? LOLLL

  42. Putin has a hardon for the old USSR. That's all this is about.

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