1. Ipsy has the value of the 2 ml Babe Lash serum listed as $65, but $65 is the price of the 4ml size. RRP for the 2 ml size in second chance is actually $49.

  2. I haven’t tried the grande lash, but I got babe lash in May. It’s been working really well for me. I wanted to feel comfortable not wearing mascara and I’ve achieved that goal.

  3. This is the kind of profile that gets screenshot and sent to the group chat for laughs.

  4. I don’t really follow specific recipes because it’s usually just using up any veggies floating around my fridge. Most often I’ll make a white wine vinaigrette with whole grain mustard, chickpeas, halved cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and some type of lettuce on top. Sometimes I’ll switch out the dressing to red wine vinegar or lemon juice-based vinaigrette, depending on the veggie combo (for example, I prefer lemon if I use kale). Sometimes I throw in chopped hard boiled eggs. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I could see it being good too. One really yummy combo was Mexican black bean. I made a Mayo/hot sauce/vinegar type of dressing, black beans, corn, bell peppers, tomatoes, red onion, acidulated avocado, and greens. Oh! I’ve also used quinoa in some of my jars which made them extra filling.

  5. How do you keep the avocado fresh? I’ve seen a couple ideas floating around but I was curious if you had something that worked!

  6. If you want an ophthalmic eye exam you will have to lie when making the appointment. You will have to say you have sudden vision loss, floaters, visual disturbance, headaches etc. If you have diabetes you should also be covered and it’s always a good idea to regularly see an eye doctor if you do. Refractions should be covered by many insurances but you may be billed if not covered. Medicaid and VA will cover the refraction. Just insist that they bill it through the insurance. Worst case is that you will be billed a small amount (usually under $45) for the refraction. Source: manager of an ophthalmology practice.

  7. Yeah, I used to schedule appointments for a few different ophthalmologists and none of them would take routine exams because they didn’t have the time for it. Many optometrists offer discounts if you pay same day, at least in my area.

  8. Sucks that it doesn’t work for high Rx. That type of thing wasn’t offered where I’m from when I was a kid with a lower prescription. That’s the type of thing I dreamed about lol

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I was a -4.00 at about age 10. I tried ortho Ks and I never got quite perfect. I’m a -7.00 now. They can work really well, but they won’t work for everyone.

  10. Nope, and no points redemption, and I had placed my order like two minutes after Choice went live, so I'm not surprised that they've already got it queued up; they're going to process the easiest and earliest orders first. Just curious to see how long it will be before they actually pack it up and drop it in the mail.

  11. I got a few add ons to try to delay it because I’m traveling at the moment. I’m hoping this plan doesn’t backfire😂

  12. Our bags are super similar! And right?! Even if it’s not working for me 100% they’re not bad products overall

  13. Me too! Mine’s almost exactly the same except I went for the supergoop instead of the too faced! I’m excited for this one, I think it should all be really good!

  14. Does this mean second chance add ons will likely also be trash?

  15. Sadly, second chance normally doesn’t have as many good things as regular add ons, so probably yes.

  16. i have multiple accounts so i can dedicate the quizzes for each one to certain product types, and the bag was only available in choice for one of them 🤨 really weird

  17. I’m wondering if they were running low on the bag. They didn’t reveal it ahead of time. I wasn’t offered it as a choice and in the past I haven’t picked it. To be fair, if it would have been in the 3rd category there were enough other things that I most likely would not have picked it.

  18. I was really hoping for one good thing, like I didn’t have anything super specific, just maybe something kind of fun.

  19. In all oddities... I got that flat iron brush. If you got thick straight long hair, don't even bother. It does nothing to my hair. My hair is straight but it gets frizzy easily. It's still frizzy and it takes a looking time before I get to half of what I want it to do... What I didn't get is my waffle hair towel. I don't know if I got lucky or what... Replacement item coming soon they said. Hopefully it's the waffle hair towel that I have been wanting to try. If not I would be ok with a silk robe. Hehehe...

  20. Okay, this has nothing to do with the brush and if it’s not for you, just disregard this. I just wish I had been told before I was done with college. I used to describe my hair as straight but frizzy, and then I found out it was naturally wavy. All I had to do was give it some extra moisture via mousse or curl cream when it was wet and then I had nice waves.

  21. Sure, it should be, but in reality it's a billing error. The hospital billing department fucked something up, and just expected the patient to pay without question. When the patient protested, it was up to him to basically "prove it".

  22. Hospital billing departments just make an incredible amount of errors. When my sister was born, apparently we got billed twice. My mom spent months arguing that she only had one baby. It apparently showed up with “both” babies having the same name and birth time, but no one she talked to seemed to understand that she wouldn’t name twins the same thing. It did eventually get cleared up, but it took way longer than you’d think.

  23. I have one you can buy for just 3 low payments of $99, it’s not approved by the FDA, but it works, I swear😂

  24. You got any great study tips? That’s an amazing accomplishment!

  25. That’s amazing! Not sure if you go to a gym, but if you do, pick up either a 45 lb bar or plate and realize you’re not carrying that everywhere anymore. It’s incredible to realize that!

  26. It depends on the job. I’m a current student there and some of my friends make more than that doing work study. Personally, I would not work at an outside job given the work load. Saturdays are a popular time to practice for upcoming practicals and keep you from falling too far behind on studying.

  27. Probably tutoring pays the most, but you have to be a second year. I understand wanting to save/make money, but it’s not saving money if you start doing poorly. I’ve seen it happen to more than one of my classmates that they get too busy or behind and end up needing to repeat classes or a semester. It’s a more common thing than the administration wants to admit.

  28. It looks more like the pictures are one-off. They show up right below where they’re described

  29. This is like when you’re trying to copy someone else’s homework and it just doesn’t work. Like we can tell you’re cheating

  30. Yeah I’m an optometry student and I sometimes get emails about being in research studies affiliated with my school. Those all seem to roughly pay around $50 an hour and are very explicit in what they’re trying to determine.

  31. Mine was DHL to USPS and it shows no movement. But the shipping weight is only around .5 lb so it is not 2 full size bottles.

  32. Yeah I went back and looked at a few other things I’ve ordered. Mine says it’s .23 lbs, and I don’t think that’s heavy enough.

  33. My cat's paperwork from the shelter said he got reiki. He's an extremely weird cat, like, really really weird by cat standards, so their turn to holistic methods made sense. Sort of a "nothing else we can do" situation

  34. I believe you, but what exactly makes your cat even weird by cat standards?

  35. There is a chiro post grad degree or certificate called chiropractic neurologist. I read an article how one in Ohio was treating a patient with really bad nystagmus for 2 months, completely missing the diagnosis of his brain tumor which was discovered post-mortem.

  36. That’s so sad. I’m a 2nd year optometry student and we’ve already started learning about nystagmus. I’m not sure if at this point, I’d have done a better job, however, once I have my degree I will be able to recognize it. Essentially, we’ve learned the basics of recognizing it and if/when to refer for further treatment.

  37. This is so true, I take an anti inflammatory for my foot and its like $0.93, had to get an eye drop for allergies once and it was $97.

  38. Sometimes thrift stores will do pickups depending on where you live. It helps me because there’s a deadline and then the stuff is gone.

  39. This reminded me of my aunt, back in the 90s, she always got complimented for her shiny long hair, and she was using Suave, so she was like an endorser for it for the longest time.

  40. Honestly, if you need a clarifying shampoo, Suave’s did wonders for me. It was better than almost any of the nicer options that I tried for probably 5-10x the cost. I don’t use it often, but when it needs a good reset it does work.

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