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  1. hey…asking for a friend…is her only fans worth the purchase???👀

  2. Or she could just tell it politely without being disrespectful for something he’s not intentional about, as OP says. Maybe jokingly “my eyes are up here buddy” followed by a laugh. Every situation is not about protecting yourself with toxic feminism.

  3. Hey listen bees can be friendly. I bet we could have a truce with them. Then we could have a giant fluffy friend to fly with. Or maybe even have a real life Barry B. Benson.

  4. I thought that giving a simple kiss make babies

  5. Suggest a song from them and i will :D

  6. All girls are the same. It's pretty popular and if you wanna get that sad vibe , then listen to "righteous" and "smile".

  7. Call my draco NEJI, sixty-four shot tri-gun

  8. Bruv its not just for wedding i live in tier 2 city where a gym hired 2 ukrainian femme gym instructors, to be honest they know nothing about fitness and barely speaks english but the membership went up 5 x in a month . Lads pay 2-3k to book 1 hour workout session with them….its just fascination of white skin nothing else lol

  9. Tf. I freaked out reading "Nate is gone"😭😭. Proper titles please

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