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  1. Not getting into gas play sooner

  2. As a Stocktaker just having the knowledge that I could make any store look million's of pounds more profitable at any point if I want to

  3. Season 1 and 2 are not too bad but I'd stop after that if I was you

  4. Time manipulation just the ability to stop and start time whenever I want plus be able to have people in that state with me. So if I was to stop time I could choose people to fuck around with me

  5. When I was younger fucking hated it thorght I was too skinny and took me up until I was 20 for me to think it's not too bad few problems but overall I think I did well

  6. Well there's some mods that I need to go after

  7. Meat free meat products. They provide the saddest looking bacon and sausages I've ever seen

  8. 22 and getting into a 5 year long abusive relationship, realizing the abuse but staying knowing I'd have nowhere to live otherwise. All I'm gonna say is help comes from the most unlikely places sometimes

  9. Same 100%. Unless there's something I could say to make enough money that I can cope with lol

  10. My dad was a angry drunk so arguments constantly punching walls alot of shouting social services had to get involved a few times when I was a kid, one time during a depressive drunken episode he even said to me mom that he would ditch his 5 kids and run away with her if it ment they could "start again". Fun times

  11. End game because I am in the UK and that she happened when I was asleep

  12. Well as a UK civilian that's £757,415 at current exchange rates still I'd probably buy a house, decorate it nice, get one huge as fuck takeout from Uber eats or something and put the rest on GameStop stock GME TO THE MOON 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  13. Because game developers have gotten lazy. For the most part it's the same copy paste mechanics and predictable story's or face lifts of older games. From what I've seen there's been nothing new and interesting that has come out in the past few years

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