1. My dentist is so happy to be able to breathe directly in my open mouth now. I need a new dentist.

  2. That's adorable. He's going to be a great uncle. One that you can vibe with as an adult since you'll be up the same stuff.

  3. I got tired of arguing with "jawline must match cartoon otherwise it's trash casting" apologists

  4. I know, it's such bullshit. All these people got the job in an INCREDIBLY competitive field for a reason. Let's see what it turns out.

  5. The wild thing was I'm sure the entire game minus the cinematics were on each disk. My first disk got damaged and wouldn't load anymore, out of desperation I put it in, let it fail to load then put in disk two. Suddenly out of order cinematics would play from disk 2 instead of disk 1, but I could play the game with no issues beyond that.

  6. I'm early 40's, partner is early 30's she's even happier about it than I am and I'm pretty happy. I would be game to adopt if we really start to get stable, but right now both of our careers are starting to finally take off and we may be making a decent living soon. We both got into our dating lives with nothing and soon we'll be a power couple at this rate. If we had a kid, it would have derailed everything and kept us in a nice poverty riddled life.

  7. My guess is there's a main "Face" and and actor is playing that part with the main voice.

  8. Oh, that guy is long dead. But its ancestors are many and mighty.

  9. I love my bi girl, best thing that ever happened to me. Heck, we even had a fun threesome at a wedding once. No jealousy, no pain, no bigotry.

  10. This was cool to see. Not as much has changed as I thought

  11. 7 people that are going to grow up knowing the cops killed their dad when he was asking them for help. Also all their friends and relatives will be impacted by this as well. This isn't about one man, this is about a broken system.

  12. do you think it looks legit tho? im gonna start messing with my friends with weird casting announcements😭

  13. Yeah, it's hilarious how much he actually looks the part. This casting should not upset those toxic fans mad about skin colour being too light or jaws being too round.

  14. I'm Cree and I can see why people not having statues makes them forget. In fact, there's this guy called Hitler (WW2 high up dude) you probably never heard of because there aren't statues of him displayed.

  15. The figures check out. I think this is real, ladies and gentlemen.

  16. You're a good person, thank you very much for the info.

  17. Now let's arrest and imprison these priests and nuns that are still alive and went along with these acts. Any RCMP and ministers that authorized them or kidnapped the children as well. We can do it for 98 year old Nazis, we should do it for them.

  18. There's a new bodega near my place, I bought a chocolate bar and the guy had a tipping option on his machine starting at that too. I never went back, nor will I. This is bullshit if you're doing a few seconds of work and expecting me to tip. Plate it, and bring it out to me to eat in store and I'll give you your 18 percent.

  19. My hopes continue to rise with this series. I'm getting worried! HAHA

  20. They definitely are, I saw a bunch of them jumping some black guy in.

  21. Biggest street gang in the world and boy are those asshats proud of that.

  22. I don't care what the haters warn, I'm allowing myself to be stoked for this.

  23. R5 : Upon completing an archeology site, two Shards spawned and have been fighting for the past decade.

  24. If one is neutral, can't you send in a small fleet to tip the balance and then get back in?

  25. I would just risk it and reach in, unlock the door, turn that shit off and leave the keys in.

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