1. Hey who is this sub for? Seriously. Aren’t these people the victim of natalist normative society? They were convinced to take on a burden they weren’t prepared for.

  2. Yeah, you are right. You have worded it perfectly. Usually when people here start justifying breeders I sense that they're trying to virtue signal and bash antinatalists. However, your take is very sensible. This idiotic natalist society creating people like her. In fact, I myself have been under this natalist hypnosis.

  3. Then you’re useless. Empathy is the only tool worth having when tackling a sociological problem. You’re otherising people for the crime of being born in a society that doesn’t value human life.

  4. More like “LGBTQ+” is a person being fed into a wood chipper called “fascism” and the (reactionary astroturfed minority of the) LGB torso is finger-wagging at the TQ+ legs for the actions of the wood chipper instead of dragging us all free.

  5. This is what eastern philosophies mean by “letting go of attachment/desire”. It is okay to indulge, to spend, to collect, to aspire, to build. These are all paths to positive feelings.

  6. The Greens are still 2 decades away at least from being in opposition, let alone contending for government.

  7. I’m not sure what your method is for estimating that time frame but I think that LNP shrinking in relevance will have an acceleratory effect on the green’s growth and on their own shrinking itself. Donors aren’t gonna keep donating to parties that never hold government. And people still act like we’re in a first past the post system so seeing a party shrink might cause them to actually look at smaller parties.

  8. The Greens are still only pulling 10% of the primary vote to this day and with Labor governments getting elected it’s hard to see where that continued growth really comes from (unless Labor go full hard right - which is not impossible, but extremely unlikely).

  9. Why would you vote greens if your only political thought was “LNP bad”? You’d just vote labor.

  10. I want the greens to take over as the major party opposite labor

  11. Tiktok got be diagnosed with adhd. Then I used that insight to know that I should delete tiktok.

  12. My brother in Christ, just add 1

  13. This is like saying “I’m not a ‘customer’, I’m a woman”. Yes you’re a woman but I’m not talking about women. I’m talking about people who shop at this store, some of whom are not women. Additionally not all women shop at this store.

  14. If there is a god is it actually wrong or just frowned upon?

  15. *shrug* better than the puzzle piece

  16. I’m gonna be sick. This is terrifying. It’s perfect

  17. When you see it it will look like the there’s a ship-shaped hole cut in a piece of card through which another card is visible. Both cards are covered in the blue pattern

  18. But if she stopped then they’d just be mad at the girl sewing in a sweatshop because she’s complaining when there are children with worse jobs

  19. It is wrong what was done to you but it’s also worth remembering that parents are only human and the public perception of adhd was that it was invented by drug companies to make millions turning little kids into zombies. Most people’s understanding of adhd medication came from the Simpsons.

  20. Someone I know described it as "men don't want to have sex with women, they want to do sex to women"

  21. “Everything is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

  22. is that from a movie? I feel like ive heard it before

  23. Michael Cunningham attributed it to Oscar Wilde but that’s since been debunked. Currently no one knows who first said it

  24. I miss when there were new deals every day

  25. A priest was turning into a zombie. I told him he would have to exorcise himself. In a burst of blinding light he transformed into a wooden crate half-filled with asparagus from which a single white dove flew into the sky.

  26. Why is every slow loris not just in a well-lit room? They’re always in the absolute brightest most fluorescent room I’ve ever seen

  27. Get the diagnostic criteria and make a spreadsheet! 🥳

  28. Yes. That’s what having desires is. Those are called preferences.

  29. Then it’s probably worth looking at your definition of “free” and figuring out if it’s A: coherent, and B: useful.

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