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  1. What do you mean lifetime? If you truly mean that your wrong!

  2. DAF provides $4,500 for tuition assistance a year

  3. When applying to be USSF MTI what are you looking for in a package?

  4. Where do you see the future of bmt in 5years?

  5. How did you apply for Mti? I'm ussf as well and super interested in mti

  6. Hi there, I was in cycle A. I feel like it was mostly off of marketplace because I could see the different jobs for my afsc and which jobs were at the different bases.

  7. If you dm me your email I'll add you to them! Most of them are invite only and hidden from searches

  8. What is your AFSC? HQ SpOC Det 2 is the placeholder PASCODE for Delta 13/13 DOS, the Education Delta for STARCOM. We use will use that until the HHQ activates. As far as I know we’re the only USSF entity on Maxwell. I just moved over to be the DOS/SEL. If you are Enlisted, we only have 1x Enlisted billet (Intel) coming over this FY. Sounds like you! If you’re an Officer everything above applies; however, we have a few more billets coming online this FY.

  9. I'm a 1n1. Do you mind if I dm you a couple questions?

  10. I'm intel and used the trick to check. My afsc only had 3 places to go (vandy, Colorado, and dc). Some how I managed to get picked up for maxwell.

  11. I got notified... that I was switched to Cycle B.

  12. Not a 3D but currently work in HQ SPOC. Shoot me a message if you wanna chat.

  13. From what I'm hearing (I'm a 1N1), they are project late may to early june.

  14. 1n1 jobs look incomplete still. Literally only one spot listed for SSgt and it’s Vandenburg.

  15. I think that is the final one. I'm a 1N1 as well. Chief Shaw said that if there are no jobs in that rank then we will be selected for the next rank up.. Considering how slim the numbers were for 1N1s, I'm not surprised by the billets

  16. Yeah, I knew there were a ridiculous small number of 1N1’s moved over. Are there really only 5 of us on Cycle A though? And I’m an E4 testing for Staff this summer. Is the one E5 spot in Vandenburg the only one I legitimately have a shot at, or should I put the TSgt positions on my list too? It’s nice to have more control over our assignment, but I am a bit confused with this whole process.

  17. That's interesting because I know another E4 testing for staff that's moving this cycle too.. I'd recommend putting the tsgt slots as well unless you're sold on vadenburg

  18. Send me a DM with your Rank/Name and I'll try to add you

  19. I saw chief Stys post in teams that they sent out notifications last night

  20. If you have 3 or more years time on station, you most likely are going to be cycle A

  21. No I’m less than a year.. lol. So it’s probably going to be awhile.

  22. Yeah I'm an SPC4 and I got the notification I'm on Cycle A but my coworkers who are married did not make it. They could have also just not gotten picked ¯_(ツ)_/ limited amount of money in the pool. Could also be the MAJCOM, CFM, or your Commander asked they not be touched this cycle.

  23. Are you able to see the MyVector VML billets? Are you able to set your preferences?

  24. If anyone wants an invite to the intel team, send me a dm and I'll invite you!

  25. DM me your rank and first and last name. I'll email instructions. It's super easy

  26. Why is this stuff not being pushed through official channels? This is the first I'm seeing this. Thanks for posting here.

  27. The careerfield manager posted about this idea in the intel Facebook group this weekend. I don't think it's been in the works for long. They just posted the date, time and url in the group today. It's being pushed through official channels (Senior Enlisted Leaders) now

  28. All of the E8 and E9. My base has a designated e8 who is our senior enlisted leader. I find out most of the official information from her

  29. Chief Towberman recently did a zoom call for my Wing and he answered any and all questions that transferees and non selectees had. Between that zoom and yesterday's zoom call hes been super patient and transparent. In the zoom call with my wing, he told one of the Airman to email him directly. Yesterday he took down my information to get me in contact with my assignments team to see if they can help me with my situation.

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