1. Surprisingly no dbz fan came here with "ackshyually Goku never cared about Freeza killing people even in dbz, he's not superman" that seems to come up every time a person criticizes the way he and Vegeta ignore Freeza even after the Broly stuff.

  2. Basically none of the Dragon Ball Z sagas would've happened if Kami or Roshi had taught all of the heroes the Mafuba. Only Cell or Buu could've overcame it, but if the Androids get bottled up there's no bad future, no time machines so no Cell until decades later when he is born in the main timeline, with no Androids to absorb. And without Perfect Cell, there's no Buu until maybe way later.

  3. Gohan getting recast was what made me switch to sub. The redrawn scenes also seem really jarring and unnecessary. Plus trying to match the original colors make them look worse than the original. Dragon box footage is the best we got besides the 2 level sets that got discontinued.

  4. It baffles me as someone who entered the series through Kai on Nicktoons that anybody preferred plugged-nose voice Gohan or grandma Freeza over their new voices

  5. I agree. If a hospital is going to provide care it should be indiscriminately. Woman’s health care is important to me. I am male, but I have a little sister and mother. I worry about the future for our children if we stand by and do nothing.

  6. "Privately owned" but often publicly funded.

  7. Tell that to all the private religious schools collecting public funding. These schools and hospitals both hide behind the free exercise clause. I don’t believe they should be able to either, but that is the reality.

  8. I'm aware of the issue, hence posting a petition about it.

  9. That begs the question, however, what this particular study have to do with the fossil fuel industry? I'm struggling to understand how a fake study on racial discrimination would benefit them.

  10. Helps the Republicans who account for most of the companies' government kickbacks, probably. A symbiotic relationship.

  11. The fake study itself is the second most wild part of this:

  12. Peterson: Society is pushing feminism / lgbt / sexuality on The Children!

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