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Post Match Thread: Argentina 3-3 (4-2 Pens) France | FIFA World Cup

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  1. Willian scores 1-0 to Fulham is your nightmare

  2. Dalot, Cancelo, Kulushevski, Dier.. A team of fucking cripples and benchwarmers is what I've got.

  3. He will most likely start. Pep could easily have rested him because of the World Cup.

  4. ..Where he only started in the group stage?!

  5. Forgot GTA San Andreas to represent the 90's

  6. FIFA 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, 2000..22, 23..

  7. Ceva e in neregula aici, Instagram, Whatsapp si Tiktok sunt mult prea jos. Cum sa fie toate sub digi24 sau gsp?!

  8. But let's put pulisic, who's 3 months older and accomplished so much more. 😂😂😂

  9. No the refs were perfectly fine so giving them a 2 was ridiculous. It screams bias given that its a French publication

  10. Can't say "perfect", an error was that foul at the end of the regular time when he didn't let advantage for the french. And there were a few more fouls worthy of yellows.

  11. 'Perfectly fine' is a colloquialism that does not necessarily mean "perfect." Perhaps my bad for assuming everyone would know that.

  12. Nope, my bad for not reading all the words there..

  13. Did Gnonto play in the friendlies for Leeds, or is he only one of the cheapest possible fillers?

  14. Yeah really not right. According to FotMob, the lowest-rated players in the World Cup were:

  15. Not sure how fair this is either. For example Seferovic played only a few minutes at the end of 3 of the 4 games, 68 minutes in total.

  16. 37k overall.. But I'm Top 100 Reddit League.

  17. On the live official world rankings Brazil is still first ahead of Argentina and France.

  18. He's gonna retire with the 8th, isn't he?

  19. Now it would take a wonder for someone else to get it.. Especially since his biggest competitor for it plays on the same team.

  20. Mbappe on 12g 3a already and he's only 24.

  21. Best World Cup or Euro final I've ever watched. Was so one sided for 70 minutes, but after that, oh boy what a show!

  22. So, Mbappe scored FOUR times in this final, and it wasn't enough.

  23. FFS Lloris should have gotten those first 2 pens..

  24. He shot all 3 pens in the same corner.. godlike turtle!

  25. The last 20 minutes have been entertaining as hell. Great World Cup final!

  26. They need to do something going forward now. And the only option would be Fofana, who is miles worse than Rabiot. They said Coman has that flu.

  27. Switzerland has most of its population in small towns and villages. But those towns and villages are still fairly urban with good public services.

  28. Americans would call this "suburban". Considering that 95% of the people could reach one or more of the top ten cities in less than one hour.

  29. They are the current world champions in volleyball, better at basketball, definitely ski more than the people from the UK.

  30. so two amateur sports and one where the country with the most mountains has an inherent advantage. lol

  31. Calling basketball an amateur sport is funny.

  32. 23 yo Messi was starting to be talked about in contention with Pele and Maradona for being the GOAT in some circles............Mbappe while he's drawn comparisons, I don't think the GOAT conversations have started yet.

  33. A bit difficult for new players to come in GOAT conversations while Messi still plays.

  34. They exist. They’re called worker cooperatives. They’ve been widely successful in Europe, like Mondragon in Spain.

  35. Nope. When they are large enough they get political and the demagogues rise on top.

  36. Our educational system identifies the brightest and support them and push them to become great while the rest get less attention. So you get huge inequalities. I don't know if it's a good or bad strategy, it's the way it is.

  37. I'd say it's the opposite of that, since the system is stringing along everyone to finish high school which brings those averages down. Apprenticeships don't exist as an alternative path like they do in some western countries, and even when they existed 20-30 years ago they were viewed as a dumb persons' choice.

  38. You need money to play hockey. Equipment ($1000 minimum), arenas cost millions to build and run. It’s not like Cricket or Football where you need an open space.

  39. And then you've got Belarus, arguably the poorest country in Europe..

  40. Surely Deschamps sticks with Giroud for the final.

  41. I really liked how that attack looked with Mbappe in the middle and Thuram on the left against Marocco.

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