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  1. Military One Source! You can be seen for 12 sessions... PER ISSUE... per year. Once you find a telehealth you click with that gets it... be seen for your anger for 12 weeks... then your depression for 12 weeks... then your... you get the idea.

  2. Literally got the drop on a 2 man squad just now with a specced out signal 50. Got on mic said hey go ahead not gonna drop ya and watched as they took a good 20 seconds taking up positions... dropped me... took my shit. Here on out if there's no return comms... clap clap.

  3. I dealt with a similar situation. If you leave and children spend even 1 more night with you during the year... you claim them. Doesn't matter at all if it's because you leave or he is forced out of the home.

  4. Every reel I've got will show both... more importantly: diameter. And while maybe not the problem here underspooling by 30% isn't a great idea. You want to get the sweet spot that is pretty close to capacity. Backing with mono will make this cheaper and ensure a grip if the spool isn't equipped to properly grip braid.

  5. So African Cichlids are often highly territorial. In tanks the careful crowding can eliminate otherwise deadly aggression by basically eliminating claimed turf. As they are also often messy eaters these tanks also require high quality filtration to get right and keep "immaculate".

  6. Why is this NSFW? Also did you type that post yourself?

  7. One definition of emasculate is to castrate. Better safe than sorry these days. You must ask the second question an awful lot on here.... no but I removed all identifying information per rule 5... just like every other post left up on this sub. 👍

  8. Weird I posted this same bug the other day!

  9. I posted the caterpillar earlier this year. Wild lookin little jokers. Eastern NC.

  10. A parasitic mite that lays its eggs in your skin. & when they’re ready they hatch & crawl out. After that you will know that they were there because of the itchy red bumps that make you regret the day you were born

  11. They actually don't burrow or lay eggs in your skin. They stick their mouth parts in a pore or hair follicle and secrete saliva with enzymes that liquefy the skin so they can slurp it on up. Not that that's any better.

  12. Well I knew that first part, but perhaps the research I had done on the second part was wrong. Thank you for clarifying

  13. No prob! Stuff You Should Know podcast just had a whole episode on em. Your last part is spot on, completely miserable once you realize they've been on you.

  14. if you can get your hands on one. Availability is still terrible in Belgium/EU

  15. Try buying direct from Playstation. Available in US/UK/Germany/France/Netherlands/Belgium/Luxembourg

  16. These are so tasty. That a beetle hole?

  17. Tersa Sphinx Moth Caterpillar, I'm fairly certain of it. (I haven't seen one in a couple years)

  18. That's the best I could figure. Reminded me of a tomato hornworm at first but seemed off.

  19. Eastern NC - plopped off a hibiscus.

  20. This was a single bought years ago so don't have a comparison. That said I'm burning my fingers as we speak. Absolutely delicious. Might have to pick one up to compare.

  21. 107 days ago I was in your shoes. It was every day. Could not stop. Set a goal. Set other goals impacted by that goal. For me it was weight loss. 56 lbs and 107 days later I now find it very difficult to WANT a drink. And no surprise wrappers in the trash that I don't remember eating. Have had food I used to have delivered daily one time since. It sucked. It was not good.

  22. Wait... was I supposed to remove the leaf?

  23. Welp. I did NOT remove the leaf. It was great!

  24. Always good to see another with the best %age bovedas! Enjoy!

  25. I bought a box of RP 1990 Robustos in 04... got 3 left. 2 are getting burned in 2024. Should be an interesting aging experiment.

  26. Op... the container the awesomeness is in. We all want to know more!

  27. You should have left earlier so you'd have time to be a hero and be punctual. /s

  28. I was once part of an organization that literally gave us this exact speech during the academy. "Stop and save the life, but understand that sometimes you pay the price for doing the right thing". Basically we aren't telling you not to be the hero... just that we will still punish you for being late by doing so. Found out first hand, they weren't kidding. No longer a part of that shit organization.

  29. In order to prevent crashing with my Chronic Fatigue I need to eat some form of snack between meals, I usually have a smaller lunch to allow snacks like fruit 😅

  30. Unless you're counting correctly and consistently eating at a deficit you won't lose fat... period.

  31. I weigh all of my food so I know what calories are in each snack and meal. I was doing 1500cal because I thought that was the right deficit.

  32. Sure... but... you're 21. It may take a few years but eventually you'll hit a point where you don't even stress what people think about you. What they thought about you. How they did you wrong. How things could have gone. Definitely won't turn a victory into a somber moment. Rock the success, enjoy the benefits, and live in this moment, never the past. Always do things for you. Be happy with you. That's key!

  33. My progress is way better without. But still there when it's within calories... for now I'll go without.

  34. TDEE, Accurate CICO, (deficit), and of course that time of the month will cause fluctuation.

  35. Anyone that voted >1300 I hope they sort that out. I feel this has been said many times. 1200 is only recommended for small women. No one should be having a single meal of 500-800 cals. If you guys are struggling adding oil is an easy way to up calories and any good olive oil will add some nice flavour too!

  36. I've heard this but genuinely curious about something. I do 1500 daily. If I do a 36 hour fast and then do my 1500... isn't that technically either zero calories for one day... or 750 each day over the 2?

  37. What I do for this is just try to get close and make a smart choice without stressing it too much. It's one meal and supposed to be a fun one! Most restaurants will have nutrition info online and I like to pregame 2 or 3 choices and then decide which when I get there. 2 or 3 also helps if something is out that night. Hope that helps.

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