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  1. Carry a pistol next time and drop them. Oh wait — that’s another country ruined by the authoritarian left.

  2. Very satisfying to watch this. Please post more of these cleaning videos.

  3. If I do stuff with it and things go wrong, will you help me? -Roger

  4. What the fuck is an assault rifle?

  5. It’s a political term. Assault is a verb, not an adjective. You’re giving power to the authoritarian left who is making them seem worse than they really are.

  6. 👩‍🚀 wait, democrats are racist and discriminate against people?

  7. Ah yes, the infinite ammo glitch.

  8. Remember when this guy negligently shot an innocent person and didn’t get any jail time? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

  9. Don’t remember hearing about it. But it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened.

  10. Maybe Aragorn? I don’t know. Who would you say?

  11. Yeah that’s probably a good choice

  12. I feel like this is a good reason for everyone to switch their voter ID to democrat. The rules apparently don’t apply to anyone who votes blue. Anyone who supports gun rights would already be in prison by now.

  13. I didn’t say to vote D. It’s was a joke about registering only

  14. Could be ok on a zealer or charger. Don’t think it has a ton of trade value though.

  15. I love this lady. She has hilarious commentary

  16. What’s the middle thing in the mag carrier? A flashlight?

  17. I would expect anything different from the people who infest that sub.

  18. Absolutely beautiful piece. Looks like it’s been well taken care of.

  19. You understand reddit is considered social media correct? Hope you don't intend on applying for permits anytime soon with statements like that.

  20. Don’t cower to the state. Live free, friend.

  21. Democrats think they’re above the law and feel compelled to rule over the rest of us serfs.

  22. They actually have a really nice range. I’ve been there a few times. Not sure if you’re anywhere near it, but they have a cool setup. And everyone is friendly there.

  23. We’re less than 3 months from elections. The cdc is doing a favor for those who would otherwise call for lockdowns, all in the name of ‘following the science’.

  24. Virtually Every state subreddit is like this. If you were to judge Utah, Idaho or Texas by it's state subreddits, you would think they were deep blue liberal strongholds.

  25. It’s partially because lefty mods tend to ban people they don’t agree with.

  26. Just difficult because it’s hard to find a Glock 22 slide for under $400

  27. At that price, it’s almost worth it to just buy a police trade Glock 22 for $350 and grab the slide off it for your build.

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