If you’re 18/19 and a mid twenties, early 30s person tried to date you, RUN.

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  1. Are there things left unsaid? Maybe you two need to sit down and discuss some stuff, find some closure if there hasn't been one. If that's not the case, then you gotta move on. This kind of obsession will destroy you, I'm speaking from experience.

  2. My only advice for this is, enjoy life's small pleasures. That's it. Those little things you do everyday that you genuinely enjoy.

  3. Same here. Just seriously, it feels like there's no point in life. There's no middle ground. Some people have it all, others are just doomed. Every failure for me feels like I just want everything to end. Fuck life.

  4. Hey man, if you enjoyed it and thought you made the right the decision, good for you. I don't think I could lose my virginity on a brothel, but it definately makes sense to boost your self esteem and experience. No bullshit drama or feelings envolved, just pure technical experience. It honestly sounds like the most logical solution for people who haven't been able to get laid naturally growing up and need to get that experience.

  5. Why can't we post pictures? This is a sub for crippling alcoholics, can you imagine the weird, strange, horrific shit people could possibly post?

  6. Wouldn't be surprised that she gave you a fake name, honestly that sounds like the most plausible possibility. An adult traveling around and getting intimate with minors? It only makes sense. But yeah, this is a sort of experience that'll be in your mind forever, even if you realise how fucked up it was.

  7. You're growing mushrooms on your genitals and anus? Are they edible?

  8. Woah from what I just read antibiotics make it worse! Antifungal is the way to go

  9. Well, essentially, to help get rid of the skin lesions you use antifungal creams/lotions. Just like the lotions you use for insect bites, for example. The antibiotic is for your body to get rid of the bacterias within you that's causing it. Or else it's just gonna keep coming back. And in the case of the drug in particular for this antibiotic, I really can't mix it with alcohol.

  10. Hell yeah, I can't live without coffee. But I definately keep it under control.

  11. I believe that some people with a large age gap can be compatible, But in reality, it's very rare. So age difference by itself is not a problem in my opinion. You're right, there's an inbalance of life experience and knowledge, it's a fact.

  12. I wish I could sleep as a way to pass time. I can barely sleep at all.

  13. This is messed up, man. No doubt, it's sexual assault.

  14. Look man, you're being too hard on yourself. There's nothing wrong about what you need. I think you clearly have some self esteem issues that you need to work on yourself, first off all. And later on, get to know yourself and accept yourself. I'm not just talking about your sexuality, but everything else.

  15. I feel the same way. I think when you reach adulthood, you've pretty much seen 95% of what life is really all about. Is the other 5% of new discoveries and good experiences worth all the misery and pain that the everyday life is? I'm 24, and I already feel exausted and saturated from everything. Seriously. The thought of having to live another 50+ decades scares the shit out of me.

  16. It's all fun and games until the dude kills someone. Fuck him, take him to the hab.

  17. I just found out my boss decided to stop giving him wine, cold turkey. Oh boy, this is gonna be a show....

  18. I suppose I could attest to the crazy part. I was given 60 10mg diazepam for alcohol withdrawal a couple times. (Which looking back is insane) So of course with this 600mgs on hand I end up drinking again within a day. 3 day bender with like 5 minutes of memory of 72 hours or more. Apparently at one point I tried to buy wine and it happened to be at an old place of work I was fired from a year earlier. I was absolutely pissed when they refused me for being very obviously drunk and benzoed out. I was determined to file a complaint. So I stormed out and began calling the place repeatedly erratically. Probably the most vivid memory of this whole thing was the last call where some manager dick said 'you're harassing people and I'll call the cops.' Luckily some sanity kicked in right away and I hung up and dropped it.

  19. My parents have been trying to get me to go to a year-long "pray the Tanqueray away" type rehab since they found out about drinking. I always politely turn them down, because there's no socially acceptable way to say "I would literally kill myself if I went to a place like that."

  20. Yeah man, I totally understand. There's no way I would accept that either.

  21. This happens to me EVERY family get together. Like it always has to be discussed. I was so pissed over 4th weekend, I almost posted on here. My family can never let it go. Like fuck anything else I have to say, but ‘how is your drinking going?’ Or their now favorite thing is to make jokes at my expense about it. It’s disgusting.

  22. Damn, that sucks. My family doesn't give me too much shit about it, but that's because I don't see them in person that often, if I did, I'd be a different story. They know I like to drink, but they don't really know I drink everyday, yadda yadda.

  23. Its life and anything can happen in matter of seconds. Anything can happen like did you expect to have sex at a your 20s when you were young? Probably not but now you did because you didn't expect that coming its just like the one. She will come and you both will build a strong bond and become partners or wife and husband depending on what you want. When she will come just remind yourself this comment right here (even tho I doubt you will cause when you're an adult you forget easily lmao) but just in case 😅

  24. Yeah man, I'll make sure to remember, haha. Thanks for the support.

  25. I know where you're coming from man. I'm the same, 25 this year. Never had a relationship and normally I'm content with it but in the past year the last two of my close friends decided to start dating eachother leaving me on the sidelines (I had feelings for one of them which ruined me emotionally.) All I want is to hold someone next to me and sleep, go for dinner dates or walks to the beach and waste money in an arcade somewhere. This kind of loneliness, I feel, hurts in such a different way.

  26. Ah man, that sucks. Been there as well, having feelings for a friend but not being reciprocated. It's a horrible situation. Good luck for you as well.

  27. Good for you, man. Wish I was lucky to be in that situation xD

  28. Yeah man. Hard to come to terms with that, but it is what it is.

  29. There will be another girl that will like that you’re “inexperienced” for her own reasons. You just need time and distance

  30. I guess. Thanks for the support, means a lot.

  31. Sorry to hear this, man. 3 years is a long time. I think you're doing the right thing to let it go and move on. Situations like this usually don't go back to what it was.

  32. No, you're right actually. The thought of the option alone is conforting. That's the weird part about it.

  33. Was it making the appointment itself that made you anxious, or was it the act of making he phone call? Making phone calls themselves is what drives me nuts, I hate it. Anyways, glad you're happy now.

  34. I do enjoy eating, and couldn't go on without food. But I am fine just cooking myself a simple meal that doesn't taste spectacular, since I'm not a chef or anything. Basically I just cook the mose basic shit just to feed my body. It's not a big deal for me.

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