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  1. You can go negative in the go card once before it stops you from using it (successfully anyway) some risk jumping on the trains anyway but ticket inspectors can and do show up on the train at random times.

  2. Haha I always climbed the cliffs to get past the deathclaws along the way

  3. Oh please that’s the medium difficulty route. A real mans route is going to road that goes behind Goodsprings, towards the Great Khans, and more importantly a large group of Cazadores.

  4. Haha you win with the cazadores, not even a deathclaw can top one of them

  5. Aww I want to pat the big boy even though he could probably break a few bones but it would be worth it

  6. Hello there :) I know things are tough right now but keep your head up :)

  7. Take my wholesome award haha I wish more people were like this

  8. Oh yay, obsessions made it to the list finally. I vote lies

  9. Its like a sweet, perfumey, kind of rose tasting chalk lmfao

  10. If you mean the crisis line, no only because I have heard they don't train the volunteers properly to deal with our problems and they have horrible wait times so those have been a put off.

  11. This is modded so much that it isn't fallout anymore. I mean, I do like it but it isn't fallout anymore, it's more like COD or something.

  12. I mean he is rich so you could marry him, get in the will and slowly kill him or wait for his death.

  13. I am 28 and I still don't know how it is done lmfao. I usually buy one with an elastic part that you just hide under the collar.

  14. If you help me find my money, i'll share it with you haha

  15. I did them as soon as it was open. My entire refund plus more went straight to my car haha.

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