I turned 50 today, my wife died 2 weeks ago. Trying to smile and get through the day...

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  1. It was a joke but have you seen the news though???

  2. Prob also uses the toilet brush to clean the sink and tub lmfao. I actually knew a janitor who did this 🙃

  3. We got evicted cause the landlords sold the house. It was a nightmare. We were originally given 4 months to move. Then it got reduced to one week! We threatened taking legal actions. In 2 weeks, we found a place but I was forced to rehome my cats to friends of the family. Spent $10K in moving fees, realtor fees, security deposit and getting rid of 20 years worth of junk. Oh and in the first apartment we checked out, we found out we got rejected cause the landlady didn't like Latinos. The third place we checked out, we got the place. Which is one block away from 1st apartment lmao. Aannnnd, since 2020 more Hispanics/Latinos have moved to the area! I can only imagine the look on that racist land lady's face lmao. It's a nice, quiet, clean area. Who wouldn't want to move to my area? 🤷‍♀️

  4. I'm 35 and I've had 20 jobs. Not exaggerating at all. You'll be ok. I just got a perfect job performance review and a raise at my current job. About to be there 4 years this May.

  5. On another note, kudos to the people doing this work everyday. I wish you guys get the pay and benefits you deserve. I can only imagine the stress and PTSD. I will never have the stomach for a job like this. 🩷

  6. A very special kind of stupid. Unfortunately, I've had racial slurs hurled at me by ppl like her. Never once from a white person. I'm Hispanic btw 🙃🙃🙃

  7. Same here, and we have good incomes for our area, but without giving up on basically everything else we just couldn’t afford it, so I guess we’ll stay renters… every now and then I still look at the market but at that point it’s just painful.

  8. My husband and I live with my parents because we're saving up to get our own house but every year that dream fades farther and farther away.

  9. Picture this: me, a Latina living in a very small farming town with 97% white population. The day I had to call the cops on my violent ex, they comforted me and guided me on what to do 😔 Not once was I made to feel inferior because of my race or even victim shamed. One cop even called my parents to tell them I was ok. These men who didn't even had to say a word to me, showed me more compassion, than I've yet to experience from others 😭

  10. The absolute silence and nothing to do after 9pm lol

  11. I didn't have a nervous breakdown and haven't gotten drunk or high in 3 months 🥳

  12. And to think I used to want to go to Brazil!

  13. Saaammme 😩 no wonder my aunt by marriage got the fuck outta there and married my uncle in the states.....

  14. I cried ugly tears watching Quan Kế Huy receive his Oscar. I adored him in it

  15. I did too and then when he went to congratulate Brenden Fraser later on 🥹🥹🥹

  16. Or if you're Peruvian, "tu no tienes sirvienta en esta casa" lol.

  17. Still doesn't look like enough food for 11 people though lol

  18. I thought you said "the snuggle is real y'all" and I bursted out laughing😂

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