1. If you're still running stock pups, swapping will definitely improve tone.

  2. Immediately drives to the liquor store lmao

  3. "I cant kill something if it tickled me"

  4. Daughters, what's more fun than playing a bunch of medusa archers lol

  5. The american diet lives in cincy, with added chili

  6. "Hey dad!!! I like beer!! throws up"

  7. That S seems to have a switch for the wiring of pickups and "upgraded" pups. I'm just going based on the pics. But if you got the money just go with the s, play around with the knobys to see how it affects tone. But if it seems daunting just grab the 2 hum with the 3way

  8. Side note, real pretty guitars

  9. I have the 410 classic 50, such a solid pedal platform. And the lead channel is plenty crunchy

  10. Wow didnt catch this moment. Great shot

  11. Ween yourself down next time, yall be smoking them super concentrates nonstop, ofcourse itll feel like the shakes lol.

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