1. Wow, how did I not think of that. That's probably spot on, actually.

  2. They're no longer doing in person community day meet ups. Is that news? They never expanded here despite there being multiple good cities for it.

  3. I was going to ask the same. "What an exciting way to say good-bye to our in-person Community Day meetups. We hope the meetups we held this year will inspire you to host your own get-togethers during future Community Days!" Was that done just to try to kickstart local communities gathering again? Is this just because the autumn months are about to begin in many parts of the world? Very strange....

  4. Ultimately your call, but in a vacuum, it's definitely "worth" it.

  5. There is no tool better for this than

  6. Is medicham acceptable? Being fighting as well?

  7. Psychic types are banned.

  8. Any thoughts as to if there will be less Buzzwole during times when PST/PDT is super early in the morning?

  9. I mean, that would certainly make some sense....

  10. Think it’s worth playing at a certain time in hopes most of the buzzwole owners will be fast asleep?

  11. I think that's a valid strategy!

  12. OMG that was so close! GG, my friend. 🤝

  13. It's marginally better than other options for GL Genesect, so that's nice. But still, not great.

  14. Great write up as always but my god has the disparity in accessibility in this game never been more blatant than now.

  15. I can't and won't argue with any of that. It's very unfortunate. Clearly very little thought went into creating this format. 😔

  16. Why is a 14/15/14 fletching rank 3 for UL while a 15/14/15 fletching is rank 5 for UL?

  17. I'm seeing a different ranking....

  18. For IV calculations? Pretty sure PvPIVs.com is the best one out there, yes.

  19. Kieng, I feel like he’s done more than any other content creator for the pvp community so I’d like him to win

  20. The most deserving for all the times he's put the community on his back and run with it. I've had the pleasure of meeting him twice and he's the nicest and more sincere guy. I'll be rooting for him hard.

  21. I'll do you one better... WHY is Campfire?

  22. That's alright, I give Teban awards for the same reason! 😁

  23. Cross Chop tends to make winning matchups where Counter is doing most of the heavy lifting more convincing, which may or may not be a good thing. If you need to take out a Walrein with a ton of loaded energy while no one has any shields left, Cross Chop will be fast enough and strong enough, and thus is better than Night Slash/Gunk Shot/Hyper Beam/Obstruct. But if you use it to make short work of a Walrein safe swap, you might be in for a painful farmdown from a Machamp or Tapu Fini. Generally speaking it just makes Goon more consistent at winning the matchups it should win as a Counter user.

  24. That is true, yes. Cross Chop definitely has a place and is critical to some teams that NEED that Fighting damage. But now, I do wonder if Obstruct will make even those cases more favorable to Obstruct than they are to Cross Chop as that Fighting damage from Counter starts to really add up... AND Goon gets harder to kill with each use as well. We'll have to see!

  25. Can I sub Azumarill for Tapu Fini?

  26. Is the move out yet? I thought it was community day only but I just fought a user with it.

  27. Community Day has already started in several parts of Oceania!

  28. FYI, you refer to A-slash in the UL portion instead of Powder-tails. Had to re-read to catch it; I was confused why such a big deal was being made about a counter user beating A-slash.

  29. Oh LOL. I'll fix that, thanks.

  30. Now that we know Obstruct stats would you run Obstruct + Night Slash for GL and UL?

  31. Probably, yes. I'm going to start a full analysis tonight after my kids' back to school night stuff.

  32. Add it to the list. 😵‍💫 That makes FOUR articles I'm actively working at once haha.

  33. I'll have a full analysis up tomorrow, but remember that your very first (and still best? 😏) analysis on 40-energy Obstruct was THREE weeks ago, and can be found here!

  34. I was considering building a Zangoose for this meta as I recently got a decently ranked one. Is it worth it?

  35. Amazing writeup as always. The Diggersby was a good opening salvo, blew my mind and so glad I have my hundo lying around! I was lamenting that I don't have anywhere near enough resources to build my rank 2 great league diggersby

  36. That's exactly why I wanted to lead with that. There's always something interesting to tease out in each new meta, and as good as Diggersby is, that seemed the perfect way to start. Glad you found that useful, and good luck with your hundo!

  37. Is anything worth raiding for master league these days? It's not like MLC is coming back😔

  38. I still hold out hope that Classic will return. Perhaps a fool's hope, but I still cling to it for now....

  39. Oh, I think that's Buzzwole hands down. Chill Genesect is awesome but very dependent on landing those Techno Blasts. Buzzwole can hurt regardless of opponent shields.

  40. Unfortunately... you can't. Each different Drive Genesect is actually treated as its own separate and distinct Pokemon. Chill can never learn Douse moves, and vice versa.

  41. I'm sad you didn't say "shockingly better", trying to decide if i want to burn passes on chilldrive, was originally planning to dump everything into Zacian, but now im debating if i should split between them, as always, thank you or the great info.

  42. Oh man, I hate when I miss a good pun opportunity! Dangit.

  43. Haha I'm trying! Got that and Obstagoon Community Day and Fighting Cup I'm picking away at right now. 😵

  44. Thanks! Hope it's helpful to you.

  45. I try to highlight particularly interesting and unusual bits like that. 😊

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