1. He handed out the team water to the crowd along the sideline too. :) It was a game at West Point in October. It never made the news.

  2. Because it was such a random event. He wasnt announced. He just came out of the crowd. It was hilarious.

  3. Bill Murray was great here a few months ago.

  4. Bill Murray was great here a few months ago.

  5. Where is says physical address, type YouTube, videography, or whatever you feel best fits your situation. Royalties are property code 6. Leave the fair rental/personal use days blank. Enter the amount from your 1099-MISC on line 4.

  6. Into this. Guy went 5+ innings 11 times for us last year, and 6+ five times. Wasn’t always great or even good, but no idea who else would have eaten those 130 innings.

  7. He needs to have a lot of offense behind him to have an awesome record.

  8. It goes into a pool and is split among every player/team, IIRC. So it really doesn't matter whose jersey you get, everybody is getting paid.

  9. Wow, I didnt know that. I thought if it was the name or likeness of a specific player, that player kinda has the rights to it so they would get the money.

  10. The opposite of your statement is the truth.

  11. Interesting. Great post. Thanks. Never thought of that.

  12. I have a bunch of those same cards from the early 70s to the early 80s. I absolutely love those. Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. They sure bring back memories. Fun times.

  14. It’s either the Twins, Tigers or Rangers if it’s from his pre-Yankee manager days.

  15. Wow! Great memory! Yes, his picture is on one of the cards on one of those teams. :)

  16. My collection started in 77. Definitely had some of the ones toward the end. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  17. Kids today dont even understand baseball cards. That is how we could get all the stats of players as there was no internet. :)

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