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Ukrainian soldiers raise money by writing custom notes on artillery shells for $40 before firing them at Russians

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  1. The woman who is already here will always take precedence to me. If you care more about a potential child than a living, breathing woman and her life, nothing I can say will make you a good person.

  2. The initial argument OP is making is whether or not a single win over Xset can solidify them as the #1 team in the world. I'm not making the claim that Fnatic is the best team in the world nor is Loud the best team in the world; I'm simply saying that the jury's still out and one win isn't enough for Optic, nor any team in the world.

  3. Oh believe me, I'm a season 0 player and although matchmaking is far from perfect, it's better than what we had before

  4. Getting a 2 minute penalty for leaving Control when there's only 5 players on my team.

  5. I don't listen to streams much as put them on while I pex, so if you could elaborate one more time, what's Zacks gamer tag or twitch name?

  6. .3% vs .04% you’re comparing apples vs oranges. New Zealand is .026% of the population.

  7. All those Ethan didn’t want to be part of a rebuild comments from 2 weeks ago did not age well lol

  8. Nobody is asking for a bike lane in McKeesport

  9. Paul please don't like your cold dark troll hole that is

  10. la gourmandine in Lawrenceville. Best damn pastries ever.

  11. I looked back through your posts and can’t find your approximate route. Pittsburgh is a rather large area so I don’t want to offer up my yard for your tent only to find you’re not passing within 20 miles of me. I see you’re coming from Ohio and headed towards DC but how are you planning to do that?

  12. And not even realizing their left is actually moderate/centrism.

  13. You're making a lot assumptions there. Sounds like you're confusing liberals for leftists.

  14. Nope, I mean it. People in the States really have no idea what a leftist is. For example, the average red hat wearing person is convinced Obama is a leftist.

  15. Wow an actual response, this comment section is filled with so much dumb shit to sift through

  16. Sorry guys for the misleading title. Upon further investigation they are not from Severodonetsk and this is attempt to spread misinformation from Russian telegram channel. I apologize for the misleading title. I will try to be more careful next time

  17. Okay so delete the post rather than spread Russian propaganda.

  18. Any actual Update on them rather than everyone guessing?

  19. Small, very vocal minority that keeps getting entirely too much attention. Most everyone in my circle of family and friends is very moderate when it comes down to it.

  20. They get too much attention because they get too much political power. The Senate was a mistake.

  21. I seriously question how small of a minority it really is. And if it's a minority at all. Virtually every republican I know believes that the election was stolen. The opinions range from "damn liberals stole the elections" to "something shady was going on at the voting centers."

  22. It’s a minority considering about a 1/3 of people in the US identify as conservative.

  23. Isn’t that how the trump subreddit started? Started as people being satirical and meming, but enough people took it seriously and believed it that it actually became real?

  24. And that’s the biggest problem, these assholes are ALLOWED to act like cops. I live near a funeral home in Florida and they are unnecessarily aggressive when it comes to stopping traffic for processions.

  25. This is not normal in other states. Sounds like another example of Florida being a shithole.

  26. Why do the studio segments look like colorized footage from 1910?

  27. Which he fucking does, all the time. Yall acting like this is the first thing he's done for marcy in the last 25 years lmao

  28. Thomas Newman’s score for the movie adds so much magic and gravitas to an otherwise near pitch perfect story. Deserves so much more credit when discussing the elements that make the film shine.

  29. The music is really great. Also the track Down To Earth with Peter Gabriel during the end credits really helps give the movie a cathartic and hopeful ending.

  30. He could only do that if he'd never leaked Russia/China secrets. Otherwise he'd be executed on sight if he went to those places.

  31. Has he ever leaked Russian or Chinese secrets? Pretty sure that’s one reason lots of people think he’s a Russian asset.

  32. Never let the truth get in the way of a good story, he is going to the SuperMax! ;-D

  33. I genuinely wonder if those commercials ever actually do anything to stop vaping addiction.

  34. The holier than thou ads definitely do not work. When I was in high school I used to wear a Truth t-shirt ironically. The only type of people those ads work on are people that were likely never going to vape or smoke in the first place.

  35. Damp leaves? I'd give you anything between campfire and ashtray but I really can't fathom damp leaves. It's not even fighting talk, it's like if someone said they think steak tastes like blueberries, all you can really do is shrug.

  36. Sounds like something a young person who’s tasted scotch once would say.

  37. He’s using an authentic Tairsgeir peat spade. I can barely retain my own PIN numbers, name or address but somehow have room in my head to store shit like this.

  38. 100% that will be the Netflix documentary series title.

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