1. Nets are looking into trading KD and Kyrie. It’s in their best interest to not execute either one until both are finalized.

  2. I don’t believe the Lakers could get Kyrie on a sign-and-trade, or that Kyrie would sign for $6M. So, now a normal trade can be negotiated, or not. Both Kyrie and Russ are one-year contracts. I assume the Lakers would need to add something tasty to get a trade to happen.

  3. Finally, someone that gets it. Other people on this sub are so dumb, it’s embarrassing.

  4. Could agree to a trade in principle, they make the pick for us, and it gets executed after the opt-in

  5. This, teams know Russ is going to opt in anyways. And if he doesn't, I don't think anyone is complaining.

  6. No new info in the video, don’t waste your time like I did.

  7. We need to temper expectations. Our main problem is roster construction. Bad fit and injuries. I believe in Darvin Ham, but even the best coaches can only do so much. Let’s hope for the best, but stay grounded in reality.

  8. Yes, he’s a bad fit for any team that’s trying to win lol

  9. Jimmy why didn’t you drive for the high% 2? Everyone always goes for the headline shot

  10. Or potentially an And 1. It wasn't great, but Jimmy didnt lose the series.

  11. Plot twist: she's real and OP is passing up a golden opportunity.

  12. What golden opportunity? She offered 300 dollars not 300 gallons. NO DEAL

  13. Bröther, with $300 you could purchase many more than 300 gallons

  14. I am a man of principle. I will only hoe ho myself out for water.

  15. Mark Jackson gets interviewed by teams so they can disqualify any candidates that give similar answers.

  16. Even if this wasn't a Lakers sub, it's hard to argue against Magic being the greatest point guard of all time.

  17. Go the the nba sub or “nba dissuasion” (just a true shooting circle jerk) and ask and you’ll get an overwhelming amount of people saying curry and Chris Paul over magic due to advanced stats”

  18. GOATs put out results. Yes external factors play a large role, but if you can’t get it done despite that, you have no business being considered a GOAT. Magic’s resume destroys CP’s.

  19. Coaches who respond with “I wouldn’t” automatically move on to the next round of interviews

  20. Doc Rivers is a FANTASTIC coach. Sixers are lucky to be keeping him. They really need to extend his contract. Wouldn’t want other teams like those damn Lakers to even consider snagging him away. Lock him in.

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