1. My gosh he perfectly captured the sketchy part of the 7 eleven, finally one that isn't clean and actually looks like an irl 7 eleven

  2. 1 make it so u have infinite plot data

  3. Finally a tier list for lvl twos I've been waiting for one of these for years

  4. Nah I don't think, I think u need abit more

  5. Finally someone who's not using a meta load out but using a fun load out

  6. Walls have curved edges while cubes don't right ?

  7. Me when g cowboy is below sledger, gladiator, and g pyro (it is way better than all of them)

  8. ngl g cowboy is abit overated, if ur in a match with other players their towers are probrably gonna steal the kills from cowboy.

  9. I miss the ranger stack on that map

  10. Ngl I think the toy company is wasting their money, Time, and effort

  11. Man's loves gears so much he became the gear

  12. Wow that's like the most of badge in the game wow.

  13. its like splatoon combined with overwatch, its pretty good

  14. You mean the crook boss? I mean pyro better but I guess his helping abit

  15. To achieve some of those angles, I'm pretty sure transform plus is needed.

  16. There is a whole map based around grass, I think that's enough. Most TDS players only know what grass is because of that map anyways.

  17. Place all the Christmas skins In a summoning circle and summon mecha santa

  18. I did the same thing and I still suck at building so I still follow speed builds.

  19. The moment I stopped watching speed builds, was the moment my building started to improve

  20. Facts speed builds are for beginners

  21. She almost lost the only brain cell she had left

  22. Average mcdonal play area, legit how big those play places used to be as a kid.

  23. Just use the transform tool although it might not line up perfectly it will look good enough

  24. I think something in your fridge went bad/expired

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