1. This was a true delight! Coming to this sub and actually reading posts from someone who knows what they’re talking about… Thank you

  2. I’m curious to know if you have anything else besides work or golf that keeps you away?

  3. Nope, other than the occasional trip to the gym to play basketball for a couple hours but even just dropped that membership because I didn’t get to go very often, plus we are moving farther from that gym.

  4. Have you asked her why she gets mad or annoyed? Stay home this weekend and when she gives you a smart ass question of why aren’t you going out to play golf? Say idk I just wanted to stay home with y’all but I’d also like to know why you get upset or annoyed when I go. Guards will be down and she’ll be low key happy you’re not choosing something else over them and I’m sure you’ll get an answer to the question you asked all us degenerates for

  5. Think of why businessmen buy high end dress shoes, the craftsmanship, the materials, the longevity and the classic look. Check out cole haan their shoes are classy but are made like sneakers. But otherwise it’s a mostly leather shoe, it would probably last you a lifetime… Like most high end dress shoes

  6. Keep it as is and remember it was your grandfathers. Looks like he got some great use out of it

  7. I would think they would water earlier though. At 830 it’s around 80. Anyway thanks for feedback

  8. I mean there’s 18 holes, plus a putting green. Not like they’re droves of groundskeepers doing the jobs of 1-3 on any given day

  9. Why is this even a continuous question?!?!?! Blows my mind… Glad you’re supporter of pro choice haha

  10. I feel like you only receive and never give oral

  11. I feel like this should be an Arizona/Phoenix/Surrounding city grid thing. How are we not recognizing Roger Clyne, Authority Zero, Jimmy Eat World and NBK, all successful in their genres

  12. Authority Zero has a sound that is so uniquely Arizona. The collision of California beach culture, Mexican culture, Punk Rock, and the desert.

  13. They literally sing in Spanish, how Arizona is that! I’ve heard Jason Devour live sing La Bamba and even the whole band one night at the Marquee

  14. Pilots are the craziest people on the planet. Like for real. Helicopters, jets, passenger planes, cargo planes, armed forces. There’s so many things that happen and it’s unimaginable and we actually never know about it. Ie, Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington haha

  15. I can’t believe that all this sensitivity has now finally hit the G&F community. I mean I knew eventually it would happen but fuck! Please excuse my language. Every pond, lake, river, stream, sea, ocean is a habitat. Life and death happens, shit happens, accidents happen… Do any of us ever see how a fish we actually caught is ever hooked, how it stalks our jig, pouches and gulps it up and then as sensitive humans we have to determine how hard we set our hook?!?!?! Like really, come on! Sorry for my rant.

  16. But zero SB. I think even the smeagles snuck one in. Let’s stop promoting mediocrity. I need Super Bowls dammit

  17. Anyone seen the new series on skinamax?

  18. 95% of the human population will never catch a 5lb bass. She’s well on her way. Good job dad!

  19. I had no clue my post would get so much traction! Let’s save the talk and teach some kids how to fish so we can work on lowering that percentage…

  20. North Alabama. Caught on a Zoom super fluke, weightless, baby bass color. He was working that fluke like an old pro!

  21. Lip Ripper in the making. Good job dad. Keep it up

  22. Who cares… Eagles snuck in and had the same playoff results as we did.

  23. This is the knife that everyone knows not to touch…

  24. It’s real life even for a random single. Booked a single hot deal and they sent me out alone behind 2 4somes. Sat in the shade for two holes. Ranger came up and asked me what I was doing. Uhhhhhh waiting

  25. I literally came here to tell you to spend time with your wife and kids and just now read your PS. DO YOU HOMIE!

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