1. The inexplicable BMW emblems take this to the next level for me

  2. Personally the big face bean freaks me out most

  3. You’ll have more fun on vacation than you will playing this event, enjoy it while you’re there!

  4. Aww, I was excited to see the 2 other pictures

  5. went to a Ford dealer, $24,500 on the sticker, $36,000 to walk out...so I did

  6. Did you remember to unequip your everstone?

  7. "Just give us the fucking RS3 Avant " - USA

  8. Wait, are they not making these anymore? I sincerely fucking hope not

  9. I think it’s because he’s super hidden and most players have no idea he exists unless you read the wiki.

  10. I randomly stumbled upon him while exploring all the nooks and crannies of Farum Azula. Went to read a message and didn’t realize I’d hit the interact button. I was like “wait, why am I laying down here, this is a terrible place for a nap… oh shit, time seems to be reversing… dear god WHAT IS THAT?!”

  11. I’m hopeful about therapies assisted by psychedelics, ketamine, and MDMA. The research seems promising. Unfortunately, I suspect many social workers are reluctant to get involved due to the attendant stigma. We need to set a standard of accreditation for psychedelic-assisted therapy so we can be trusted to provide these interventions in safe, effective, evidence-based ways.

  12. Shitty? This is the first time I’ve looked at a Prius and thought “nice”

  13. My friend you have tasted heaven what was it like ?

  14. What makes it interesting to you? I have the malt and enjoy it but haven't tried the grain.

  15. I prefer it because it has noticeably more depth to it. Where the Malt was pleasant but simple, the Grain shines with dessert-like maltiness, caramel, vanilla, and a bouquet of floral notes.

  16. I grabbed this one because of the label and was disappointed in both the flavor and heat departments. Like if you’re gonna advertise a sauce that way then it better kick my ass!

  17. Fun fact: bears shed their arms annually to conserve calories during hibernation. They grow back within a few months.

  18. Check out the Lems Outlander. Looks like a fresh high-top sneaker but comes with the durability of a boot. The Inkkas Camping Boots are in the same vein

  19. It’s got that Jamaican jerk style going on. If you like that flavor profile you’re gonna enjoy it!

  20. Every day, we stray farther from the lord’s light…

  21. That cheater used an engorgement charm on those biceps!

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