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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Americans make durable house speedrun (Any%) (IMPOSSIBLE)

  2. No need to take it personally, i'm pretty sure he just meant that there's not a lot of people playing it so there isn't really much use for it to stay up

  3. I hope to god this is a bait comment. You are an awful person.


  5. People who have problems in act 3/4(hard) basically try and trade damage. You can't. You need to blitz/kill/disable/kite the enemies before they even reach you. Unless you know what you are doing like building a functioning tank with support comp, otherwise think of every hero you have as a glass cannon.

  6. I usually go through every mission without taking any HP damage, or if i do i usually heal it back up before taking and vitality damage. However, in both these missions (demonic possession) not only is it practically impossible to hold back the enemies (due to how many they are) it's also practically impossible to kill 1 or two in one turn. This wouldn't be an issue but the fact that as soon as they get up close they pummel a character with so much HP damage that it makes them useless for the next mission (healing injuries) they most of the time outright kill them.

  7. Mordred, Balan, Lady dindere (or however to spell it) and merlin. Mainly my strategy is to focus on one enemy and finish them off before moving on to another enemy. Howver, with the amount of skills i have that are AoE or affect multiple enemies i usually use them first and move balan up to be a tank while using his armor skill.

  8. Also the radical jihadist belief that if you’re killed by a woman, you won’t be admitted into heaven type of deal

  9. There is absolutely no verse or hadith that says that. You either just made that up or heard it from someone who made it up.

  10. I am an ex-muslim and i can tell you, they sincerely believe it.

  11. I also am an ex-muslim and i can tell you that it is nowhere rooted in the religion.

  12. This game was STILL updated after DL2? Absolutely insane.

  13. The last one was deleted, because I shortened the title to "How Disco Elysium Was Made" so I'm reposting it with the full title.

  14. Or, ya know, because she just shot her fucking cousin.

  15. I don't know about you man, but as a kid when i did something bad to my sibling or someone else it was never "oh my god what i did was terrible" it was always "holy fuck my dad is going to kill me"

  16. That's actually not that normal...Children can empathize and know right from wrong.

  17. Okay armchair psychologist. Obviously reflecting days or weeks after the event i feel that way but in the moment all i think about are the consequences.

  18. Lots of mumbling and thunna wunna.. this sound like any cancelled/unfinished ye song/album

  19. Ngl donda was kinda mid and i feel like it’s if it drops it’ll be barley above averages but if he delays it and sorta all his shit out with cudi and Kim and shit and he actually dedicated himself to this next album he could drop another mbdtf

  20. then kanye gonna cut off himself once he remembers he is friends with travis

  21. this man really doesn't know the fact that ye scrubbed chris brown off donda 1 when he updated the album

  22. Isn’t rule one about being at the expense of someone’s pain? It seems no one was hurt here

  23. It's at the expense of the engineers that built at >:((

  24. It was less peaceful before the british and french came.

  25. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decline_and_modernization_of_the_Ottoman_Empire

  26. How was it more violent during the ottoman empire?

  27. I’d like to nominate “On the Nature of Daylight” by Max Richter!

  28. Honestly, on the nature of daylight isn't just beautiful to me. It makes me deeply sad.

  29. I don't know whether that particular dude is a hoax, but it is a real, documented condition called

  30. Yea idk about you bro but that picture in the wiki page is definitely not what the dude says he has. It's a hoax.

  31. He does this shit all the time to get attention. He literally ran for president to do it.

  32. You are also ridiculous if you think he did it for attention. Man was probably on a manic episode and genuinely thought he could win.

  33. IDK what the hell happened with UT. His content was good but since like mid-2019 all he does when he covers videos is giveaway like a 100 phones by whatever company's product he's reviewing. Which obviously the company paid for to boost the public opinion. I unsubbed from him after noticing it.

  34. Yo don’t disrespect Wayne like that

  35. But why? Are iraq and iran allies? And what's the reason US impose sanctions on Iran?

  36. When more than half of the Iraqi government is in Iran's pockets, they're allied.

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