1. I wish more of Kyza’s stuff was on streaming; I sometimes forget about him cause I can’t put his music on my Spotify playlists

  2. I'd pen an epic series swaying back and forth between his early adventures in Metropolis, where he has more standard Superman adventures while meeting Batman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter etc for the first time, and a much older Superman dealing with cosmic scale issues after his familiar status quo is gone.

  3. Involuntary withdrawals, being forced to quit is always worse than quitting my choice

  4. Homecoming was awful and I couldn’t get through it in one sitting

  5. You really have to see Jellico in a different kind of episode. He was given a really specific and tough assignment where he was forced to be secretive. And he's immediately juxtaposed against the captain who was recently lost under unknown circumstances by the rest of the crew.

  6. Jellico was a decent captain, he just wasn’t the right fit for The Enterprise D. He clearly came from a more warfare focused vessel and expected the Enterprise to run the same way.

  7. I'd like to see an interplanetary alliance that's very much like the Federation, perhaps even bigger and a bit more advanced... but they consider the Prime Directive to be monstrous. "You'd let an entire world die because they haven't reached an arbitrary milestone? Just based on your ideology?" They have -- instead of a single Prime Directive -- a set of Intervention Protocols that have been honed through centuries of saving civilizations, and that... seem to work. They don't want trade with the Federation because they consider letting a pre-technological civilization die out when you can help them to be evil -- a "crime against sapiency." (What the heck, let's call them the Samaritan Republic.)

  8. This seems like it could be its own independent series

  9. Didnt Geordie do the same thing with holo Leia Brahms? He's clearly on the spectrum.

  10. He didn’t actually know her at the time; and everyone was highly disturbed by it

  11. US: OutKast, Eyedea, Wu Tang Clan, Lupe Fiasco, Aesop Rock, Illogic, Guru/Gang Star, De La Soul, The Roots, Earl Sweatshirt, Dessa, Fugees, MF DOOM, Sole, Digable Planets, Brother Ali, Open Mike Eagle, Busdriver, Murs, Rapsody, Ras Kass, Kendrick Lamar, Pharcyde, Apathy, Cypress Hill, Chance The Rapper, Twiztid, Scarface, Eminem, K-Rino, Lil Wayne, Sage Francis

  12. Juice Aleem is amazing, one of the best live performers I’ve ever seen

  13. Farms is under appreciated, Chester is better but people ignore how dope some of Farma’s verses are and the great production he does.

  14. Seeing him with the greybeard still seems strange, when I saw Task Force live in 2018ish he didn’t have grey hair at all

  15. Well, for one thing, fandom is never satisfied with the newest thing and even I had a negative reaction to TNG when it came out in 1987 (when I was 17), writing a negative review of “Encounter at Farpoint” in a local fanzine. Yes, even then we knew the first and second seasons of TNG sucked. But I don’t recall fandom being as toxic as it can get nowadays - there was a degree of misogyny but nary a blip of racism or otherwise. Maybe other people remember differently, but that was my experience.

  16. Do this archives of this Usenet group exist anywhere

  17. Go to groups.google.com and search for rec.arts.startrek.tech.

  18. Outside the people who’ve already been named, including a track from each

  19. Right I was going to say that Tam was already kind of a jerk, but him showboating his telepathy definitely didn't go over well with the crew at all.

  20. Tam was mentally abnormal though, he was meant to seem like a jerk. I’m autistic and when I went to an autistic school a lot of the kids did things that way seem rude but we’re not intended that way, I’ve always taken characters like that as ND parrallels.

  21. Not canonically confirmed at all, but in Kirk's era it is somewhat hinted Trelane is a Q.

  22. The crew could encounter him but not report it to the higher ups at Starfleet

  23. Names are untranslated unless the majority of species can’t proununce them because most of the Federation characters we focus on are English speakers, we then hear English version.

  24. I’m not ultra familiar with the expanded universe stuff but there is an entire amazing wiki dedicated solely to beta canon sources called Memory Beta that I would highly recommend you just check out number ones entry and you’ll get a sense.

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