1. Yes, when I'm in church, I feel GOD! Above and inside me

  2. You did not just try and use the compass rose to place where the new locations are lmfaooo that's not how that works

  3. That's not what I was trying to say. The compass aliggnment was only to adjust both the maps. I just suggested that the mountain range you can see in the Equestria map could be a good place to be the location of Sephyr Hights indicated in Sunny's map. Since Maretime Bay, Bridlewood and Sephyr Hights were founded during Twilight's kingdom (at least, there is no mention of them in the FIM series), we can put on the table the possibility that the Kingdom of Equestria expanded towards the unexplored western lands. The absence of any sort of ruins maybe could also count as a proof that the G5 places do not correspond to any of the G4 locations, but are instead new ones never seen before and are not in the Equestrian map we know. So, if someone asked me where are the G5 locations, my bet would be in the western lands. Of course, that's just my guess. We still have not enough evidence to make assumptions.

  4. The idea of the other mane 5 having to win over the element of Magic from the villain, and save her from what I'm sure we can all agree is an ab*sive relationship, really has potential. Like the spark at the beginning of g4, a spark will reveal the 6th element when the other 5 are present. Opaline has a special treasure, and she is blind to it.

  5. Plus, Misty's special talent/ cutiermark has not been revealed yet. If she is the Element of Magic, that would partially explain why she didn't got her cutirmark, because how could you know you like magic/ have magic talent if Magic itself was gone during most part of your life. Maybe, ahead in the show, Misty will recognise the value of true friendship, join the Main 5, they will learn about the Elements of Harmony, storm into Opaline's Castle, use the "Rainbow Magic of Friendship beam" on Opaline, Opaline get's reformed and Misty's cutirmark will be revealed and it will be something related to Magic, maybe even something very similar to Twilight 's cutirmark. That moment would be a direct reference to when the Mane 6 defeated Nightmare Moon and discovered the Elements of Harmony, with Magic being the last Element to be revealed.

  6. BTW, I did not gess the elements of the G5 caracters (except Misty). The elements are confirmed by an Instagram post about a card game, where they atribute these elements to the characters.

  7. Should be Nii-san (兄さん) instead of nee-san (姉さん) :)

  8. Whats the diference? (I don't know japanese)

  9. No, I didn't notice. I wonder Why is that

  10. Excellent. Love the coloring and the details, specially the their shirts!

  11. Now all I can think of is Equestrian imperial japan.

  12. I thought the same you did. You re not the only stupid

  13. Gotta tell you, I'd be mighty suspicious of anyone who would enthusiastically display these flags together.

  14. I swear, I had no idea of what the flags mean😅

  15. Not a writing expert, but if someone asked me if this short was written by Lovecraft himself, I would have believed it!

  16. PS: And I've red quite a few Lovercraft stories

  17. Anyone else think Chi (older version) is a very similar character to Urushi Yaotome

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