1. Help me understand, please. Their aircraft have to sit on a stationary runway within the borders of Ukraine. Would they not just be constantly targeted by cruise missiles and suicide drones? How could they even defend them UNTIL the point where they got 200 or so like e55 said so they could defend themselves? Thanks in advance.

  2. Do you know who owns the interstate highways in America? The department of defence. In war time any stretch of our highways can become a landing and take off strip with the underpasses hiding what is underneath them. I am sure Ukraine is doing something like this as well.

  3. You are right I can at least think of 5217 reasons why we are not at war right now.

  4. Boredom also constitutes as a need for dopamine. Just saying.

  5. I saw that thread on twitter. It's just a bunch of russian bots talking to each other.

  6. But are you sure they are all bots? Or are they Russians citizens who are not getting accurate information? Just a little something to think about.

  7. Why people kept telling me that battlefield was unrealistic? I did head shots all the time with TOW missiles.

  8. Maybe because they never thought you would have the backing of a huge portion of the worlds military industrial complex to the point where you can choose to use anti armor missiles for flesh targets..... Shit i did the same just keep it reloading.

  9. I think the Russians might have been trying to shoot down jets with the turret tosse.

  10. Nah man they are trying to blow up ukraines helicopters by using mines as a launchpad for the jeeps.

  11. Everything? Let’s break it down in a philosophical vs science.

  12. You are right it doesnt get us closer. Maybe you are asking this question because you believe one cannot find the answer.

  13. No idea. But even if we could find evidence of a creator, does that mean I should worship it? Think about all of the gods of history. Some are downright evil. So even if it can be proven a god exists. They would have to be moral than you and I for me to worship it

  14. Hmmm the way i go about this question is different.

  15. I'm bothered because he didn't show where the rest of the funding came from. I bet the rest is probably coming from the cabal, the deepstate, and the swamp.

  16. Nah it would have been something sorta believable. But like also hilarious. Maybe like iran or fucking another majority muslim country. And then maybe like another big top democratic donor.

  17. Seems to be bad news lately, Bakhmut close to surrounded, Soledar falling. No jets, few modern tanks. Think of the bigger picture though. Russia has focused on about 50 miles of lines from Bakhmut to Kreminna, with only minor gains for months and months now. Most assaults on video don't even use tanks now. I look at this picture as to why the west is easing into tanks and refusing jets at this moment. Overall things are allright, even though as expected Ukraine is always warning they need more. Even looking at Oryx yes Ukraines taken loses, but with 1,000,000 active and reserves at the start of war they still have a lot of manpower and....about 300,000 turning 18 every year. Between captures, donations etc, I have to think Ukraine has a lot of hardware from the past offensives standing by for spring. So here's hoping. Also, anyone know people on the front I've got a few small drones I can send, no idea where too tho.

  18. I agree. Even though they are asking for more, im sure they saved alot of armor for their next offensive. I just dont believe ukraine is tankless right now, they just havent used them because of weather conditions.

  19. I think there’s some wiggle room, but we can agree to disagree.

  20. Sure. I mean thats life. You view life through your lens of perception, you will never always have the completely same perception, because your perception is colored by your past experiences and knowledge. And no two people will have the same. Only fascists believe in concrete ways of being with no wiggle room.

  21. You're spreading misinformation. Tell me you seriously believe the 20 million figure that you linked. Many people lived in those countries and do not feel how you suggest your family feels, if indeed they do feel that way (doubt it).

  22. De-Cossackization (1919–1933) : 10,000 deaths Deskulakization (1929–1933) : 223,798 deaths Gulag system (1930–1953) : 1. 500,000–2. 384,000 deaths Soviet deportations (1930–1952) : 1. 000,000 deaths Soviet famine (1930–1933) : 6. 000,000–7. 000,000 deaths Great purge (1936–1938) : 950,000 deaths Winter war (1939) : 957 deaths Katyn massacre (1940) : 22,000 deaths NKVD prisoner massacres (1941) : 100,000 deaths POW camps (1941–1955) : 1. 094,250 deaths Mass graves in Slovenia (1941–1945) : 100,000 deaths Forced labor of Germans (1943–1948) : 200,000–240,000 deaths Forced labor of Hungarians (1944–1947) : 200,000 deaths Rape during the occupation of Germany (1945) : 10,000 deaths Soviet invasion of Manchuria (1945) : 100,000–1. 000,000 deaths Bleiburg repatriations (1945) : 70,000–80,000 deaths Soviet famine (1946–1947) : 900,000 deaths Stalin killed between 12.4–15.3 million people during his rule.

  23. No it doesn't. Equality doesn't mean that you can ignore physical differences.

  24. Yeah but that doesnt happen often. Alot of body builders are fucking teddy bears. Yeah theyd do something because allowing someone to cross that physical boundary is showing to others you dont care about yourself. Something does need to be done. Smack that bitch with big ass wwe open hand to the face til shes on the ground.

  25. That's not true! I repeat it over and over in my head as many times as possible, completely missing everything they said after.

  26. Method of loci will help you out my broski. We have great memories but with current technology we have forgotten how to remember things. You have to associate something with places. But like a journey in your mind. As your grow in this practice you go from your front door mentally to a room to a palace, to the palace grounds. Etc etc.

  27. I hope your kids enjoy their leg braces if they manage to survive polio

  28. Damn imagine hating someone over a personal choice, that literally does not effect you, so much you wish harm on their kids. I hope you survive all those blood clots they are causing.

  29. Group immunity is a thing, enough people not getting vaccinated presents a potential threat to people's health as diseases that should have been defeated reappear, and the more they come back the more likely they are to mutate. Also, the likelihood of having a fatal disease that the vaccine could have prevented is many, many times greater than those of the negative side effects. The only one wishing harm on them is your dumb ass thinking vaccines are some evil plot by the nefarious, and 100% totally completely (trust me, guys) real, "new world order".

  30. You are absolutely clueless as well. If you have a vaccine you shouldnt worry about someone not getting one because you are safe. Your good, so why are you tripping out? Besides the covid vaccines are not traditional vaccines, they even changed the definition of the word vaccine just to include them.

  31. why are you talking about people like they’re material objects Jesus Christ

  32. Because its an easy way to introduce logic to your emotional victimized mind. Jesus christ. You do understand your perception is not actually what is there but what you are capable of seeing. So you actually want to see what i said, as equating people to objects and not take the lesson i was putting forth. Congratulations you have some traumas to heal.

  33. your lesson doesn’t really apply to any part of how my life is lived tbh don’t project your shit onto me now.

  34. And? Was the title of my comment, Low_Egg_7606 needs to learn market economics in relation to interpersonal relationships? No, you are the one who replied and felt hurt. Go do something productive with your time and fix your traumas.

  35. This man deserves Valhalla. A smile in defiance of the odds. May this man survive, but if it is his time may he give them hell.

  36. Never watched it, how would that work?.. definitely sounds, like it could be a game changer. Even a tank doesn’t stand much of a chance against. RPG carrying drones.

  37. The future of drones on the battlefield is gonna be a game changer, U.K. already sent heavy lift drones. Could moving supplies to the front lines. Russian knocked one down, that was modified to drop bombs. Even casualty evacuation, but will be done by larger drones.

  38. Oh definitely. The creation of mules has been going on for awhile. Logistics win wars. And if you can unburden a soldier so they are carrying less they last longer during combat. Shit if you watch sof videos from Afghanistan they won their fights because of logi. They carried more at4's 50cal ammo more ammo in general. Even had atvs to move in terrain normal vehicles didnt have access to.

  39. Yes. That's what these guys don't get. AA is asking for dilution as an alternative to belt tightening the business. I am CEO of a corporation and I know one thing. I have one chance to ask for cash and not turn it around. If I fail at that, I'm replaced. Period. He's failed at that and the board is allowing him to ask for more. Sell the fucking Hycroft. Get our money back. USE IT!

  40. Nah bro ski. You want him to keep that money in hycroft. Here is why. Saudi Arabia just announced during the wef that they were willing to take payments for oil in other currencies than the dollar. Gold and silver will rise. So folks after the squeeze make sure you diversify and buy atleast some gold and silver.

  41. .... Yeah ukraine is not advancing because they shouldnt advance. Advancing in winter where the mud can bog down your whole entire army is fucking stupid. Yeah russia is doing that, yeah they are gaining inches by inches, but they are paying for that with alot of blood. Susan i understand you think russia is going to win. Thats okay if you want to believe that go ahead root for your football team. But if you are going to debate atleast bring out some logic.

  42. 1 Abrams is likely worth 3 T90 - knowing how the Russians inflate their value and having little to no combat experience.

  43. Idk man. Like going up against three tanks yeah.. but going up against one at a time id say 10 is a good number.

  44. Lol yeah they started off with that many tanks. But you obviously havent been paying attention.

  45. You there should be a vote at every start of every war. Do you support the war. And if you say yes, you are required to join the military regardless of age or disability. I figure wars would completely end.

  46. dont say never. go back 11 months and tell someone US would be sending himars / mbt’s , germany would have tanks rolling in europe again and russia has mobilised 300k and have been smashed and everyone would say u’d be dreaming.

  47. You are dumb. Himars were made in the 90's and are highly mobile platforms that essentially cannot be touched. Abrams is being fazed out by our military and we have a huge surplus of them.

  48. Think a lot of people never heard about the American F-117 that was shot down over Kosovo in 1999 that may have ended up in Chinese hands and helped them develop the J-20. Sure it was a 30 year old aircraft at the time, but America doesn’t bomb a Chinese Embassy in Belgrade by mistake with B-2s and precision munitions.

  49. Yeah this is what im trying to say. Giving them ground technology is one thing. But missiles and jet technology is on a whole other ball game. Air superiority is what wins wars. Its what gives us the ability to use our apaches, our a-10 and the c-130 gunships.

  50. That only seems to happen to people trying to get putler out of office

  51. To ship from UK to US? I reckon you're better off sourcing one from near home. They're pretty hefty fellas

  52. Fuck it, when this is over cost will be no concern!

  53. Leek, Staffordshire. Genuinely opposite a shop called period features

  54. Staffordshire that doesn't sound american. How much to ship em you reckon?

  55. There's no need to put any bullet in anyone. He's already dead, this is muscle spasm. In a minute they'll stop.

  56. Yeah i know this. The bullet isnt for him. But for you, and all those that have to witness it. And its not a muscle spasm. He lost so much blood no oxygen is getting to his brain. He is past shock. Even if he was in a hospital he is dead. Those gasps are just sn unconscious brain trying to get as much air as it can.

  57. As a medic, then i would give him your morphine. To make you feel better. But he is dead. Shooting him is not to put him out of his misery. He is dead already. He lost so much blood no oxygen is getting to his brain it is past shock, and delirium there is nothing there anymore, and past the point of no return even if he was in a hospital at that very moment he is dead. Finishing him is not for him its for you, so even in his last seconds you can hold onto your humanity and believe that you gave someone mercy, deliverance from pain for at least a couple seconds. With hope that your enemy would do the same for you.

  58. But don't forget to diversify. Spread out that shit.

  59. Might aswell be a indication for a planned bigger offensive.

  60. .... No its both. For their offensive they will need ammo, so they "save" some ammo for later.

  61. How do you even conserve ammo? If someone's shooting at you are you not going to return fire? What a silly notion.

  62. Well in a firefight you make them count. You take more of a risk for return fire, while taking accurate shots on target. Instead of just spraying in the general direction hoping they keep their heads down. With artillery instead of lobbing shells at everything that moves, yoh choose bigger concentrations, heavily fortified things and vehicles.

  63. i wouldn’t consider myself stressed about the change anymore, i’m managing pretty well

  64. Be conscious of your words friend. They tell you what you need to know. Managing... Is not overcoming. Its just dealing with it as it arises untill it is in back the again, put to sleep to be reawakened by some other trigger.

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