1. I rarely see another Ivara playing. Of course, she's always invisible... so I wouldn't be able to see her- but still.

  2. I play ivara in a support/dps kinds style with empowered quiver and concentrated arrow I give my cloak arrow to anyone who ends up wanting to chill with me on the wire

  3. Unless they've patched it since I last played her. You can use the tornadoes to hit arbitration drones by shooting the tornadoes instead. Excellent for defense and survivals

  4. Basically a Japanese drifting game, and you can play with other people

  5. Personally my fav is equinox. She isn't meta by any means but damn do I have a good time with er

  6. She is viable as are basically all frames she just takes a little bit of extra love

  7. It is currently 2:45 am here so i might not even be awake when you are available

  8. Tomorrow sounds better, i need to sleep or stuff wont get easier lol

  9. I've found hearing these words help quite alot. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem

  10. They've never even met in the lore. They're actually polar opposites of each other. So no.

  11. Volt with eclipse and shock trooper can oneshot hydro limbs with 1-2 shields, and this is my own experience so someone actually good at eidolons can prob do better.

  12. I've found shock trooper isn't really needed because eclipse alone one taps the limbs with the right rubico build

  13. I’d drop vigor cause you already have vitality, and IMO she wants lots of range and doesn’t need a lot of power strength. Also try using equilibrium so you won’t need as much efficiency.

  14. I made a build with high strength and duration and tanked the other two and use the kronen and just go berserk it's Hella fun

  15. Energy siphon is hardly ever gonna solve anything just run archon shards or synth fiber and equilibrium or combat discipline

  16. Your really late to the party and this was a thing before luas prey I've been using this is a way of energy economy with synth fiber or combat discipline

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