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  1. I mean, it's not required but it'd be something I'd love to talk about with to my partner.

  2. The one thats got seaweed on it and has a gasmask. That one is still one of the best looking cosmetics in the game overall.

  3. Sadly it is true. Going private is pretty much the only way unless you want to wait literally years for a first appointment.

  4. I had my friend group manipulated, myself too. I was beaten, pushed to the brink of suicide multiple times.

  5. I believe the words you're looking for is "devolving"

  6. I remember seeing a post where someone said that a picture of a woman was "so clearly a trans woman because her jawline was too strong."

  7. I have no idea. I have the exact same thing and I think it may be a UK only thing. I don't want to deal with this crap, hopefully I can be banned from the subreddit in order to get rid of it.

  8. Ironcailly, it was a match against Legion that finally got me my first point towards that challenge.

  9. What a peculiar issue. Do you give the idea you could run them for 23 gens? If the person I am chasing performs too many tricks in the first 20 seconds I'll keep them for last

  10. I don't believe it's that. Perhaps they think that I'm actually Blight who got loaded in the match with how much I run to walls.

  11. This is the biggest twist in commercial history and I love it.

  12. Make some soup with bleach. He wouldn't be able to tell. After tell him that it's because of over eating.

  13. They crawl to a corner without any hooks (and some people who do this run boil over) you bet I'm letting them bleed out.

  14. But all boil over does is increase the wiggle intensity and add 33% of the current progress to the bar if you fall whioe carrying them.

  15. I meant for the difficulties controlling where you're walking at. And because the hooks in this situation are farther away, I'd be bumping into things like crazy.

  16. Yeah, some indoor maps are NASTY when dealing with boil over, double that if you're using a controller.

  17. Here we go, I already predicted heal meta would be the new thing.

  18. It's the current thing anyways because of Circle of Healing. They just accentuated the flaws.

  19. Kill. I can't have it trying to replace me. I don't know it's intentions and it doesn't know mine. What if it thinks I'm going to kill it if I wasn't, and then it kills me?

  20. People really do be saying that Calm Spirit is nerfed, meanwhile the "slower action speeds" is an optional thing and it's ontop of what the perk already did :2213:

  21. Perk was bad before. Perk gets additional use but is tied to a horrid side effect. Perk still bad.

  22. I never said it was a good perk, but it's still not a nerf.

  23. I'm pretty sure chloroform can cause brain damage.

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