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  1. This is still more of a mystery than the actual mysteries that get posted here

  2. Well, I stand corrected if so, I thought it was pre-installed but I can be mistaken.

  3. It was pre installed on mine but I’m not sure if that applies to all of them

  4. I seriously can't tell if you are playing or not..😅

  5. Nah man I just saw it too it’s real, trust me bro

  6. Please don’t talk anything bad about the one legend my guy Jucie, he flyin high up and looking down ok us bro, he’s my man

  7. That doesn’t mean he can’t be criticised. I love juice but he definitely wasn’t a great role model

  8. Open Your Eyes is izone’s best song imo so I gotta go with that

  9. Shit like this makes me so sad man WHY ISNT JT ME

  10. That picture of Mohg will always remind of that YouTube video where he shouts "I'm fucking your brother" to Malenia

  11. Its NF nothing can be too much like in outro he said wrote this whole record while I was levitating and look what happened in PMD he's levitating over the couch

  12. Naw bro you definitely overthinking this shit I can’t lie

  13. I Figured That Much Out By Myself, But What's It Called? Gimme A Name Through Which I Can Look It Up

  14. Bro really thought he was slick with the Jason Todd huh

  15. Glad you put the meaning of CBT in brackets, because I know another kind and that would fit as well.

  16. I read it and it took me aback for a second before I read what was inside the brackets

  17. I just put them on top shelf and play with them after midnight!

  18. That’s what someone who puts their kids on the top shelf would say

  19. Literally not 5 minutes ago I found an account that was all like “oh hang garam she should hang we’re gonna ruin her life”. Safe to say I didn’t stay on there much longer

  20. That still doesn’t change the fact that the majority of companies avoid having Japanese members as centres or potential it girls because they’d prefer those spots to Korean members instead

  21. I’ve just been on twitter for the past hour watching all the people celebrating the fact that a 16 year old just lost her career and her image has been completely tarnished with no attempts to help her from source…. And I can’t help but be disgusted that everyone’s celebrating it like it doesn’t sit right with me

  22. A lot of punk rock like MGK, recently I got into the new albums of imagine dragons and then some Hardstyle and edm

  23. Rn for me it’s gotta be glaive, midwxst and ericdoa

  24. In the mission to enter Iraq's fortress, you had to create a blackout, then the doors would open.

  25. What made you think you could go back in there?

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